5 Christmas gift ideas in the lighting field

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We know well how searching for Christmas gifts can be a long and exhausting process. For this reason, by continuing to read you will find many tips and original ideas for a special Christmas.

It doesn't matter whether it's a gift for him or her, for mum or dad, for a lifelong friend, or for a colleague, with Diffusione Luce you will have 100% guaranteed success.

1st Christmas gift idea: Merry Cubo

The first item we want to recommend is Merry Cubo, a perfect gift for those who love the Christmas period. This floor and table lamp is in fact a best-selling line by Slide Design, which has created an ad hoc collection for the holidays.

With its delicate light and its linear shape, Merry Cubo is at the same time a simple and magical lamp, which can be a luminous gift to give to anyone you want, an original idea for decorating the base of the tree, the entrance to a room or your garden.

Its uniqueness lies in the fact that splendid combinations of cubes of different sizes can be created. Merry Cubo is then made of white polyethylene, enriched with a double cherry-coloured satin ribbon.

You can find more information on Merry Cubo in the Slide Christmas article, with all Slide Design's Christmas products.

2nd Christmas gift idea: Toy

The second gift idea is suitable for those who love originality and uniqueness, because we offer you Toy, the Teddy Bear by Moschino. In fact, the famous Italian brand has always stood out for its extravagant and eccentric appearance and with this collaboration with Kartell it has outdone itself.

The iconic bear transforms into a lamp that will give interior spaces a decidedly trendy touch. Toy then features the writing "This is not a Moschino Toy" on its belly, while the soft light comes out from the various opaline parts creating a warm and elegant atmosphere.

In addition to the classic version, it comes in a brand new metallic gold finish which enriches the glamor of the bear, becoming a precious furnishing object.

So if you have a friend or colleague who loves creativity, Teddy Bear is definitely the right gift! You can find more information about this lamp in the article dedicated to Toy.

3rd Christmas gift idea: Arco K

The third gift idea, is not for everyone, because Arco K 2022 Limited Edition represents a more than unique gift, which releases charm and elegance like no other lamp.

It is in fact a special numbered edition, made up of a limited number of copies. So if you want a prominent and highlighted element for your home and you want to become one of the lucky few, you can treat yourself or your other half to this lamp with indescribable charm.

Arco K 2022 Limited Edition highlights the structure of the lamp and captures the eye, which runs along the arch from the essential line up to the innovative crystal base. This is a sculptural and artistic lamp, which will not only illuminate your space, but also help decorate it.

If you want to know more about this work of art, you can find the dedicated article on Arco K.

4th Christmas gift idea: Bega

Let's continue with an element more accessible to everyone, and we are talking about the Bega battery-powered table lamp, simple, essential and minimal.

In fact, Bega guarantees comfort and creates a bright and evocative atmosphere quickly and without the need for cables, thus also becoming perfect for spending pleasant and quiet hours outside.

But this lamp is not only ideal for external spaces, but also for internal ones, the light is in fact directed downwards and is shielded, thus not annoying to the eye.

This gift idea is perfect for relatives, friends or colleagues who have outdoor spaces or who love reading. Bega's good fortune is that it adapts to many contexts.

5th Christmas gift idea: Ambrogio

The last gift idea we offer you is a one-of-a-kind furnishing element and we are talking about Ambrogio, the most versatile, colorful and environmentally friendly butler there is.

It is in fact an ideal service table for the home, but also rooms or offices. This makes it a gift therefore suitable for multiple contexts, thus allowing you to give a useful and versatile gift to friends or relatives for their activities or for their home.

In addition to the familiar look, Ambrogio is also a sustainable table and therefore suitable for all those people who are more attentive to the environment.

In fact, with this element, Slide Design has used a new blend of plastic in which EcoAllene is also present, a 100% compound of recycled material from Tetrapack cartons.

Ambrogio is therefore the perfect combination between a comic design and a product serious, and also ethical. You find more informations about Ambrogio and Amanda, his partner, on this article.

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Written by Alice Pruccoli

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