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Don't know how to embellish, decorate and decorate your home or restaurant? Come and discover all Slide Design products made for the Christmas holidays, including light tree, kolme, kuusi, merry cube, fliamma and fiammetta!

Light tree

Light tree is the original and fantastic Christmas tree signed by Slide Design. It is a floor lamp that recalls the classic Christmas tree but revisited in a modern way.

The light it emanates is in fact soft and creates a warm atmosphere for your Christmas holidays. In this way you can illuminate your rooms, entrances, but also bars and restaurants, while always maintaining the elegance and charm that distinguishes each Slide product.

But that's not all because Light tree is available for both indoors and outdoors so as to be versatile and suitable for any context. In addition to its features that make it perfect in different settings, this floor lamp has been made in several sizes, more precisely 45, 100, 150 or 200 cm in height. In this way you can place it where you see fit, adapting light tree to your spaces.

To stay on the Christmas theme, Light tree is available in snow white, traditional green and warm red.

Light tree is therefore a perfect mix between innovation and tradition, it is essential and yet it is able to warm the setting thanks to its traditional Christmas charm.

Kolme and Kuusi

Kolme and Kuusi are nice and Christmas light decorations, reminiscent of the classic Nordic houses all in a row and with large windows.

They are therefore perfect as lighting to be inserted in your home or in contract setting such as bars, hotels, restaurants and shops to recall the Christmas atmosphere but also to illuminate the space around them in a widespread manner.

In fact, thanks to the LED source that illuminates the houses, the light spreads in a warm and non-dazzling way. Kolme is then created by a series of 3 houses next to each other while Kuusi by 5 with attached bell tower, it is therefore clear that combined together they create a wonderful Christmas context.

In addition to this, both are double-faced, so they have both faces with attention to the smallest details and have different designs, in this way they can be positioned on a piece of furniture in the center of the room or on a window sill and be visible from both sides.

Speaking of the specifications instead, these table lamps are made of bright white or red polyethylene clearly inspired by the enchanting Christmas mood.

In conclusion, Kolme and Kuusi adapt perfectly to the setting they have to illuminate, being available in three different light temperatures: extra warm light 2700K, warm light 3000K and cold light 4000K.

Merry cube

The best-selling Cubo lamp is transformed to illuminate and bring color during your Christmas holidays. Merry Cubo is in fact the brand new table and floor lamp that will give diffused light and a lot of sympathy to your rooms.

It is in fact perfect both in a domestic context and for a contract area, such as shops, bars, restaurants, hotels and it is certainly a more original and unusual idea than the classic Christmas lights.

To be as versatile as possible, it is available in different sizes, while speaking instead of its specifications, Merry Cubo is produced in polyethylene and is enriched with a double satin ribbon in cherry color. Finally, thanks to its materials, it can be positioned both outside, to enrich a garden or a veranda, and inside a home.

Fiamma and Fiammetta

Fiamma and Fiammetta are two nice table lamps made in the shape of a candle, which can be combined or single. They are in fact ideal for lighting, decorating and warming your home or a contract area,  they are ideal on a table, in an entrance, a land next to the Christmas tree or even on the fireplace.

Then combined with the light tree or the other elements described above, they will help to make the Christmas atmosphere even stronger.

The lighting is then diffused and warm, accentuated by the multitude of vertical lines of the lamp, thus creating an effect of movement and elegance.

Finally, they are available in white and red and in different sizes, so as to be even more versatile. Thanks also to the material in which they are made, polyethylene, they can be used both outside and inside, so as to make perfect polyethylene also for terraces, verandas and gardens.

In fact, with LED lighting and battery power you will have no problem placing it outside.

What are you waiting for, come and discover the Slide Design Christmas collection!

Written by Alice Pruccoli

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