Novantadieci 9010

Novantadieci 9010, Made in Italy is a guarantee. Passion, quality and creativity.

Novantadieci 9010 is an Italian company that cares about its products as much as the sustainability of the environment around it. The mastery of artisan hands changes in light, creating timeless, modern, indoor and outdoor products. Constant investment in research and development to create cutting-edge design products, even aesthetically.

Wide application of LEDs on lamps that can be 100% customized, meeting the customer and their needs, bringing forward style and creativity. Strong emotional and visual impact thanks to this type of original solution.

The quality of 9010 is also expressed thanks to the choice of non-toxic materials for processing, respecting the environment but not neglecting continuous research. By choosing this brand you will be choosing exclusivity, rewarding a team full of talent, rewarding each product that tells its own story, such as those in ceramic, one of Novantadieci's favorite materials.

"Unique, with passion, for you".  

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