Foscarini imagines, develops and produces decorative lamps: night and day, they seduce – when lit; surprise – when turned off. With our design objects we transform living spaces: we offer beauty, we move emotions. From the outset, independence from production constraints translates into freedom of thought.

Do. Light. Two words that express the essence of Foscarini. Two containers that enclose two worlds which, apparently separate, find a reunion in the product: the world of making, of shaping matter; and the world of light, of vision, of thought. For us, production is always the culmination of a design process. And Making light is nothing more than this: through a shape, a concrete object – the lamp – to illuminate meanings. Foscarini was one of the first Italian companies in the lighting sector to obtain the certification that guarantees the quality of the entire production process. 35 years of collaborations with international level designers and with local mastery, and a long series of iconic lamps. Our constant: a rigorous and passionate orientation towards the project.


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