Plant Growing Lamps

Plant Growing Lamps

Lamps with LED technology for the indoor growth of plants and vegetables. This type of lamps favor the growth of plants and vegetables even without the presence of natural sunlight, perfect for setting up greenhousesPlants have a different perception of the light, they recognise different wavelenghts from human beings. Only a small part of the light, that human can see, contribuites to the plant growing (photosynthesis), the light with a wavelenghts between 400 and 700 nm. Generally the blue led is used in the growing phase and the red led in the flowering phase. Our lamps uses a mix of red,blue and green light that is adapted for both the phases and the germination too. The bar placed at the right height, different for each kind of cultivation, will be very usefull during the growing and flowering phases. Led technology lets to choose in the range 400-700 nm the wavelenght that is more suitable for our plants.

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Reference: 1407010A

Brand: Artemide

Artemide Gople RWB Suspension LED Pendant Lamp Dimmable For Plant Growth

Gople Suspension LED 11W with indirect 3000K warm light and 21W RWB LED system with direct light for plant growth. It reconciles human spaces and nature through light. Inside a hand-blown glass according to an ancient traditional Venetian technique, there is a patented RWB light technology that helps plants grow and can create an optimal environment for...

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