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Plant Growing Lamps
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Plant Growing Lamps

Lamps with LED technology for the growth of plants and vegetables. This type of lamps promotes the growth of plants and vegetables even without the presence of natural sunlight, therefore perfect for setting up greenhouses for indoor cultivation. Compared to humans, plants have a different sensitive reaction to light with various wavelengths. Only a fraction of the light visible to the human eye contributes to the growth (photosynthesis) of plants, that is, light with wavelengths between 400 and 700 nm. Generally, blue LEDs are used for the growth phase and red for the flowering phase. Our LED lights use a combination of red, blue and green LEDs, therefore suitable for both phases including the sprouting phase. Positioned at the right height, to be determined for each individual project based on the chosen crop, it will give optimal yield during the growth and flowering phase. The LEDs allow you to choose the desired part of the wavelength within the 400-700 nm range.


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