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Wall lamps

Applique sale of the best brands on the market including Flos, Artemide, Pan Illuminazione, Luciferos, Rotaliana, On the sides, Linealight. Wall lamps and wall lamps in paintable plaster, glass, aluminum, wood and stainless steel are available. Wall lighting with integrated LED or halogen light source. LED lamps are preferred for long life and low heat emission. Our wall lighting products are discounted by manufacturer's price list. The wall lamps can be used as a main light or as a decorative soft light, they can be used in any furnishing context. Choosing the right applique for your environment is important because, in addition to aesthetics, it is essential to identify a product with the right luminance and glare characteristics. On the market there are also dimmable models with light intensity adjustment very comfortable for example when you want to create a soft and comfortable environment. Diffusione Luce is available to offer you advice if you are undecided about the product to choose from.

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Luce & Light

Available in different variants

Berica 3, LED ceiling or wall light with painted aluminum body in 5 colours, including one paintable and 2 light beams.

Price $156.64
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