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The news from &tradition: outdoor tables and coffee tables
Published : 2024-06-25 | Categories : Lighting

Discover &tradition's collection of outdoor tables and coffee tables, a perfect mix of design, functionality and resistance!

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Plusminus by Vibia: revolutionizing lighting with a touch of design
Published : 2024-06-18 | Categories : Lighting

Plusminus by Vibia represents a revolution in the world of lighting, offering a flexible and easy system. Let's find out together!

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How to choose the right mirror for every context
Published : 2024-06-11 | Categories : Lighting

Choosing the right mirror for each room in your home requires attention to the specific needs of each space, let's find out!

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The new Array lamp from Vibia: an explosion of style and functionality
Published : 2024-06-04 | Categories : Lighting

Discover Array, a pendant lamp by Vibia that represents a perfect combination of refined design and advanced technology.

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Don't miss the Louis Poulsen Pale Rose collection
Published : 2024-05-29 | Categories : Lighting

the Pale Rose edition by Louis Poulsen is a celebration of the beauty of contemporary design combined with tradition, discover it!

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Discover the Zafferano Poldine: Stopper, Circe and Amelie
Published : 2024-05-27 | Categories : Lighting

Stopper, Circe and Amelie represent an excellent choice if you are looking for designer, functional and versatile lighting.

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Spider limited edition by Oluce
Published : 2024-05-22 | Categories : Lighting

With his timeless design and the exclusive mustard colour, Spider by Oluce is not just a lighting object, but a true art element.

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New collection IC lights 24k by Flos
Published : 2024-05-14 | Categories : Lighting

These lamps are destined to become design icons that illuminate homes and commercial spaces, come and discover IC lights 24k!

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Set up an event with a bright design with Slide Design
Published : 2024-05-08 | Categories : Lighting

Lighting is a fundamental element for creating an unforgettable atmosphere during an outdoor event, discover how to do your best!

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