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Studio OS ∆ OOS (Sophie Mensen and Oskar Peet) is a design studio that ranges from small objects to more important projects, always looking for the balance of form, material and their relationship with the environment and the user. Most of their work borders on the line of design (in an industrial / functional sense) and objects deriving from a concept and rationalized to give a purpose. The works of OS ∆ OOS have been commissioned by production partners such as Fontana Arte, Please Wait to be Seated and Umbra-Shift, and have represented their work internationally in prestigious fairs such as Design Miami / Basel, PAD London and Paris, Collective Fair in New York, Fog Fair San Francisco, Design Days Dubai and Collectible in Brussels. Their work has been included in museums such as the Van Abbe Museum in Eindhoven, Mac's Grand-Hornu in Belgium, the Design Museum in London and Villa Noailles in Hyeres, as well as having works acquired by the Vitra Design Museum for their permanent collection.

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