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Plugs and Adapters
Sale Plugs and Adapters

Plugs and Adapters

Female and male connectors and versatile adapters of various types for all types of bulbs with screw, bayonet or plug connection. They can be used in a wide range of applications, including strings lights or extension cables, power tools, lamps of all types, do it yourself and much more. Always make sure to use connectors or adapters with adequate ratings and to have them installed by qualified persons or electricians.

Adapters and sockets are a reliable and robust connection and power solution for indoor and outdoor environments. Made of highly resistant and impact material and ideal for the necessary application. The male and female connectors of this range are simple and reliable in almost all environments. They can be of various types of type F, type C, type M, type L, type A, type B type H, type G is ideal for use with electric tools, lamps, lighting devices such as wall lamps, bajour also in outdoor environments. The screw adapters from E27 to E14, E40 to E27, E14 to E27, E14 to G9, Gu10 to E27, E14 to E12 and many others. Both for the American current 110V to 210-230Volt present in many European countries and in the world. You can find everything in our shop.

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