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Hand dryers has a wide selection of products such as automatic hand dryers. They are characterized above all by the elimination of the problem of paper waste, which can have a high environmental impact, as they help to save costs and limit the encumbrance in the toilets, as well as reduce CO2 emission and clutter. Electric hand dryers, especially those supplied by Dyson, ensure better hand hygiene thanks to their HEPA filter which captures up to 99,95% of bacteria, so hands are dried with cleaner air. This also happens thanks to the digital motor which, instead of using the old carbon blades, uses digital pulse technology to spin up to three times faster than a traditional motor. Every second the digital motor draws up to 30 liters of air through the filter and conveys them into splits with a maximum diameter of 0,8mm. The result is blades of filtered air that travel at 690 km/h, removing water from your hands and drying them quickly and hygienically. The automatic hand dryers have also been certified for use in food preparation environments.

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Reference: AB14GRIS

Brand: Dyson

Dyson Hands Dryers Airblade dB, the quickest and most hygienic way to dry your hands. Every second, it conveys up to 35 liters of air filtered through the HEPA filter through cracks with a maximum diameter of 0.8 mm. This generates air blades at 690 km / h which literally remove water from the hands, drying them quickly and hygienically.

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