Wiring devices
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Wiring devices

Domestic series designed and built with a search for a perfect design line. These plates system series are characterized by a perfect integration with the furnishings of your home. Flush-to-the-wall plates, buttons and touch switches, robustness of construction materials and a guarantee of quality made in Italy. Eclettis is the only brand that can boast an exclusive international patent for the flush-to-wall installation of civil electrical series, which integrate elegantly with the environment. The Smoothline is an elegant series made up of steel plates in the stainless steel or white version, characterized by the absence of fixing elements. The innovative installation technique guarantees excellent flexibility of application on any type of surface. The lines are completely customizable, you can choose all the commands you want, divided and organized, to create the perfect atmosphere in every room. The range includes sockets, switches and a wide selection of accessories all useless in the control panel. The versatility of the product allows you to choose between electrical switches and commands for home automation management. Data or signal transmission sockets and power sockets can be installed in the same box by using an internal separator. The doors hide the electrical devices thanks to the flush-to-the-wall closing system, thus keeping every room elegant and orderly.



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