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At the end of 1980 on an evening in Milan, Ettore Sottsass invited his fellow designers and architects to discuss new expressive forms. From this meeting Memphis was born: the name was chosen both because it is the city in Tennessee where Elvis Presley was born and because it is the capital of Ancient Egypt (Memphis).

The following year 55 pieces of furniture, lamps and ceramic objects were exhibited at the Arc '74 gallery. Three months later more than four hundred world newspapers celebrate Memphis' success.

A new design that welcomes and describes a truly complex society: shapes balanced between pop, ironic classicism, crazy mixture. Contrasting materials are used such as plastic laminate combined with briar.

Emotional design that aims at a "selected" audience, to underline not only functionality but also a strong emotional impact. Memphis still aims today to challenge the dogmas of industrial design and break down the taboos of good taste. Generate optimism just by looking at a work of design, getting lost in shapes and colors.

"Strong ideas are short-lived and cannot be developed further," says Sottsass, who left Memphis in 1985. These are ideas that still inspire entire generations of designers today. Because Memphis is a "non-historical" brand, still alive in the present.

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