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Scott Wilson is an American entrepreneur and designer and the recipient of the prestigious Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt National Design Award. He is the founder of MINIMAL, a Chicago and San Francisco based manufacturing and design brand, Best known for his disruptive and business design approach, Wilson changed the face of entrepreneurship when he simultaneously sparked the crowdfunding movement. in 2010, raising $ 1 million in 30 days for his LunaTik project. He and his MINIMAL team have been the collaborative and creative force behind many of today's most successful products and experiences. His playing field varies widely from technology, medical and consumer products to lifestyle, furniture and environments. A master of balancing the rational and the emotional, the intersection of technology and art, as well as business and consumer needs, Wilson maintains a hands-on approach, his skills seamlessly shifting from that of an inventor, designer, storyteller, strategist, entrepreneur and engineer. Wilson was recently named by THE TIME Magazine Top 100 Designer as one of the Company's most influential designers as well as one of their most creative Business agents.

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