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Recessed spotlights are useful devices for lighting outdoor environments, and can be used for different purposes. It is possible to use them to illuminate the garden, a terrace, trees, walkways or the area surrounding the pool, obtaining a rather effective result. They can also be installed on the exterior walls of the house to illuminate the patio. For outdoor installation, a degree of protection IP65 or IP68 is always recommended, which guarantees good watertight integrity of the spotlight.

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Reference: 03.3502.30

Brand: Flos Architectural

Flos Compass 95 IP65 Waterproof Round Downlight Narrow Beam Gu5.3 12V 50W For LED Recessed Ceiling Lamp

Compass 95 (IP65) waterproof round recessed ceiling downlight in the fixed lighting version, with direct symmetrical optic, 10 degree spot effect. For 12V LED or halogen lamp. Remote transformer not included. Available in the following colors white, black and gray. Anti-reverberation ring in black thermoplastic material. Light source: MR16 QR-CBC 51 GX5.3...

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