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Martinelli Luce historical lighting company founded in 1950 by Elio Martinelli.

Martinelli Luce, a company established as a family business, over the years has been able to stand out in the world of design, to the point of gaining the trust and appreciation of both the industry and the public, consolidating its brand both in Italy and abroad. Today, in 2023, it reaches the inclusion in the Special Register of Historic Brands of national interest, a Register established by the Ministry of Economic Development to protect and enhance the productive excellence historically linked to the territory. This result confirms the authority of Martinelli Luce as one of the best Made in Italy companies. Martinelli Luce has never followed trends, but has looked at them with a wise eye, pursuing its own path centred on technology, functionality, minimalism, with references to the geometry of shapes and nature. Many of the lamps refer to natural elements and the names of flowers, plants and animals: Serpente, Pipistrello, Cobra, Colibrì, Cicala, Maggiolone, Pulce… The shapes, already pure and iconic since the beginning of the Company, the use of new materials, new moulding systems, new light sources and new technologies have always marked Martinelli Luce’s philosophy: that is, to create not only new shapes, but to focus on solving and proposing innovative lighting solutions. Founded by Elio Martinelli in the 1950s in the basement of a historic building in the centre of Lucca, the company moved in the 1970s to its current location in the luxuriant greenery surrounding the city. Today Martinelli Luce, LED by his daughter Emiliana and grandson Marco, continues to produce new design solutions with lamps created both inhouse and by external designers. The history of Martinelli Luce represents an important added value that has been difficult to achieveand must not be dispersed; it derives from the work of a group of people who have contributed to the company’s success. Several historic lamps are still in the catalogue, together with projects by new designers who have won important international awards including the Compasso d’Oro. The entire collection is divided into three catalogues: Lamps (decorative), Architectural and Outdoor, to meet various architectural and domestic requirements. This catalogue brings together the production dedicated to the home, although many of the fixtures proposed can be used in commercial or professional environments. For the technical and outdoor sector, please refer to the specific catalogues and to the company’s website, which also illustrates the important bespoke work that Martinelli Luce has always taken care of and continues to do today, customising standard lamps or creating specific fixtures that follow the design requests of architects for various architectural and contract contexts.

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