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Electronic and electromechanical ballasts
Sale Electronic and electromechanical ballasts

Electronic and electromechanical ballasts

Electronic and electromechanical ballasts for fluorescent neon discharge lamps, or sodium and metal halide vapors. Multi power electronic ballasts for classic 36 / 58w tubes or for slim 21w / 28w / 39w / 54w fluorescent tubes. The choice of the electronic ballast is always preferable to the electromechanical ballast, as it guarantees a longer lamp life and a lower flicker, in addition to an efficiency in higher consumption. Unique against electronic ballast indication concerns the ignition phase, in fact the electronic regulators have a very low trigger time and this brings all the transformers to turn on at the same time. In systems with below-rated protection circuit-breakers, a trip may be triggered by the thermal-magnetic protection device. Brand leaders in the market are Philips and Osram.

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