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With Minotti you immerse yourself in a timeless design experience, in which each furnishing element is designed to transform spaces into scenarios of refined beauty. Among the many proposals of this prestigious Italian company, mirrors emerge as key elements, capable of giving character and style to the context in which they are placed, together with the timeless elegance and attention to detail that distinguishes Minotti.

In this article we will therefore discover the different lines of mirrors, we will also understand where to place them and consequently what function they perform.

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The vast range of mirrors offered by Minotti offers a wide choice, with unique design pieces, each with its own personality. They range from classic and sober lines to more daring and contemporary ones, thus allowing you to find the solution that best suits your taste and fits best with the context.

Standing out, for example, is Specchio, designed by Studio Orlandini. It is a system of mirrors of different sizes, which allows you to always play and compose new spaces and sensations.

How can we not mention Windows, a collection of mirrors with flat wooden frames, characterized by shapes recalling the classic large arched windows.

In addition to the two lines just mentioned there is also Fullmoon, an elegant circular mirror designed by DSH, whose shape is inspired by a large full moon. The versatile shape also makes it the ideal mirror for decorating numerous settings, from living rooms to bedrooms.

And the mirrors created together with Claudio Bitetti? In fact, Minotti has expanded its collection of mirrors with Dot, which furnish and decorate thanks also to their large frame available in different shapes and sizes.

Another line that we would like to highlight to you is Bird Watch, created together with the Italian designer duo Bellavista & Piccini. It is a circular wall mirror with 3 coat hangers on the sides in the shape of birds. It is an extremely versatile product for designing and creating original compositions. The round shape also makes it an ideal mirror for decorating numerous context, from living rooms to bedrooms.

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Where to place the Minotti mirrors?

Entrance mirrors, for example, play a fundamental role in welcoming guests with style. In this case, therefore, the most suitable mirrors are those characterized by a combination of furnishing elements. The effect is to create a focal point at the entrance, transforming this functional space into a stylish setting. In fact, the mirrors at the entrance help to enlarge the room, to give a first impression of your home or contract setting and finally have a functional role, because they allow a final check before leaving.
Therefore, choose a mirror with dimensions suitable for your setting so as to integrate it harmoniously with the rest of the furniture, in this way you will transform the entrance into a unique atmosphere that does not go unnoticed.

In the bedroom, the Minotti mirrors take on a new dimension, transforming themselves into real furnishing elements that go beyond their reflective function. In this case, the right mirror is the one that blends in with the harmony of the room and helps create an atmosphere of intimacy and refinement. Choose wall mirrors with frames in fine wood or polished metal, use the same materials as your wardrobe, rather than the headboard of your bed or the paintings you have in your room, and create a fusion of style.

In the bathroom, however, mirrors become the protagonists of the vanity area. In this context they will therefore primarily have a reflective function, to allow normal daily activities, but they are also decorative elements, especially in guest bathrooms or in rooms and activities. Consequently they must be functional, but they must also blend in with the furnishings, creating a perfect combination of form and practicality.
Therefore, based on the type of bathroom, LED mirrors with illuminated frames can also be considered, because they are even more functional solutions for a practical and stylish bathroom.

As already mentioned throughout the article, the versatility of Minotti mirrors is therefore not limited to illuminating and decorating the spaces of the home, but also extends to the contract area, where quality and style become distinctive elements.
Mirrors for commercial spaces or rooms must in fact be designed to meet the needs of many projects, from the simple elegance of a hotel to the modern practicality of an exhibition. Each mirror thus becomes an integral part of a larger project, helping to define the identity and style of public spaces, creating an atmosphere that speaks of professionalism and refinement.

In conclusion, Minotti mirrors go beyond their reflective function and become true works of art. Their ability to integrate harmoniously into different contexts, from the home to the contract setting, makes them an investment in style and refinement.
Each mirror thus becomes a reflection not only of reality but also of your taste and personality, to furnish with class and distinction. Choosing a Minotti mirror means not only investing in a design object, but also enriching spaces with a touch of timeless elegance, giving every context that touch of style that only Minotti can guarantee.

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Written by Alice Pruccoli

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