Hiray by Kartell: the new outdoor collection

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The renowned Italian company Kartell recently launched a new furniture collection called Hiray. This line, intended mainly for outdoor spaces but equally perfect for interiors, represents a perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality. Designed together with Ludovica and Roberto Palomba, it was created to meet contemporary needs for versatility and durability, in addition to this Hiray is characterized by a sophisticated design and high quality materials.

Let's discover this collection.

The idea behind the collection

The inspiration for the Hiray collection came from Kartell's desire to create a line of furniture that was both elegant, durable and versatile. The company wanted to explore new territories of design, embracing a minimalist and contemporary style that could adapt to both external and internal context. Furthermore, the collection has been designed to withstand the most adverse climatic conditions, making it also ideal for use in marine settings.

Specifics and materials

The Hiray collection is made of metal worked with the welded wire technique, a method that gives the furnishings exceptional strength and durability. This material, in addition to guaranteeing a long life for furnishings, allows you to create light and airy shapes that contribute to a refined and contemporary aesthetic. Hiray is also available in four elegant colors: white, black, rust and green, which integrate perfectly into any design context.

Hiray collection: Sofa

The Hiray sofa represents the central piece of the collection. With its clean lines and ergonomic design, it is perfect for moments of relaxation outdoors or to add a touch of style to your living room. The cushions for the sofa are available in various colors and thanks to the weather-resistant fabrics, they offer comfort without compromising aesthetics.

Chair and chair with armrests

Hiray chairs, available both with and without armrests, are characterized by a light and resistant structure. The ergonomic design guarantees optimal comfort, while the choice of colors allows you to customize the space according to your tastes. Chairs with armrests add an extra level of comfort, making them ideal for long outdoor lunches or dinners.

Hiray collection: Armchair

The Hiray armchair is the emblem of comfort and style. Its solid structure and ergonomic design make it perfect for moments of relaxation outdoors. Then the armchair cushions, specifically designed to resist atmospheric agents, add an additional level of comfort. Armchair is therefore ideal for summer reading or relaxing time in the garden.

Hiray Collection: Table

The Hiray table features a welded metal frame, making it stable and durable, while the minimalist design fits perfectly into any decor style. The table top then maintains the same shades as the entire structure and can therefore be chosen according to your needs for a personal touch.

Stool and coffee table

The Hiray stool, with its compact and lightweight design, is ideal for small spaces or as a seat in front of a bar or kitchen. The coffee table, on the other hand, is perfect to combine with chairs or sofas, because it offers a practical and stylish surface for placing drinks or books. Both pieces are finally made with the same attention to detail and quality of materials that characterizes the entire collection.

Hiray collection: High table

The Hiray high table is designed to create an outdoor bar area or for modern indoor context. Its height and sturdy structure make it ideal for convivial summer evenings. Combined with Hiray stools, it creates a perfect set for aperitifs and informal dinners. Side Table The Hiray side table is a versatile complement that can be used as a coffee table or as a lateral support for armchairs and sofas. Its light structure and elegant finish therefore make it a functional and design piece.

Accessories: Cushions for Sofas, Armchairs and Chairs

Hiray collection cushions are designed for comfort and durability. Made of high quality fabrics, resistant to water and UV rays, they are perfect for outdoor use. The cushions are available in various colors and finishes, i.e. green, anthracite, dark green, brick, ecru, thus allowing you to customize each piece of furniture according to your aesthetic needs.

The Hiray collection by Kartell represents an innovation in the world of outdoor and indoor furniture. With its minimalist design, robust materials and versatility of use, Hiray is the perfect choice for those seeking elegance and functionality. Suitable for any context, from gardens to terraces, from living rooms to marine spaces, this collection once again demonstrates Kartell's ability to combine design and quality.

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Written by Alice Pruccoli

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