How to set up an outdoor event with Qeeboo

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Organizing an outdoor event, be it a party, a wedding or a special meeting, requires attention to detail and a careful choice of design elements. In fact, furniture can completely transform an outdoor space into an elegant and welcoming context and among the various brands, Qeeboo Design, with its range of innovative and stylistically unique products, offers perfect solutions for setting up unforgettable events.

So here's how to use some of their signature pieces to create an amazing atmosphere.

Oggian cushions and vases

Oggian cushions are ideal for adding comfort and color to any outdoor space. Available in a variety of designs and colors, these cushions can be scattered on chairs, sofas or directly on the lawn on top of sheets to create relaxation areas where guests can sit and converse.

Paired with cushions, Oggian vases can be used to add a touch of greenery. Planting colorful flowers or green plants in these pots not only improves the aesthetics of porches, gardens or terraces, but also helps to define spaces and create pleasant visual paths.

Cobble table and chairs

The Cobble Table, with its organic and versatile shape, can be used both as a main table and as a decorative element to display plants or decorative objects.

While the Cobble chair offers not only comfort but also a touch of style thanks to its unique design. These chairs can be placed around the table for lunch or dinner, or scattered around the area to create cozy corners where guests can relax and chat. Their ergonomic structure then guarantees comfort throughout the event.

Pako coffee tables

As far as support points are concerned, the Pako coffee table is an excellent choice. The Pako coffee table, with its contemporary design, can be used as a central focal point in a lounge area or alongside seating to provide comfortable surfaces to place drinks and snacks.

Killer and Help Your Self

To maintain order during the event, Killer the storage rack is a practical and fun solution. This organizer, with its iconic design, can be used to keep small items such as keys, phones or catering accessories close at hand.

The Help Your Self coffee table, on the other hand, is perfect for creating a self-service station where guests can take what they need without having to ask. It can be set up with glasses, napkins and utensils, making service more efficient and smooth.

Sweet Brothers

Lighting is a crucial element to create the right atmosphere, especially for evening events and Sweet Brothers lamps offer soft and pleasant lighting. In fact, these lamps, with their affectionate and playful design, can be placed on tables or suspended to create a magical context.

How to create thematic spaces

Using these elements of Qeeboo Design, it is possible to create different thematic spaces in the garden, terrace or porch. For example, a lounge area with Oggian cushions, Cobble Chairs, and Pako and Cobble coffee tables can become the focal point for socializing.

A dining area with Help Your Self tables and Oggian vases can be elegantly set up for meals. Finally, the Sweet Brothers and Rabbit lamps can transform the entire context when evening falls, creating an intimate and welcoming atmosphere.

Tips for setting up

Color consistency: choose a color palette that complements your event theme and use Qeeboo products to create a cohesive look. Many of the brand elements are bright and quirky and are ideal for creating focal points.

Space planning: divide the event area into functional zones such as lounge area, dining area and play area and use Queeboo elements to clearly define these spaces.

Personalized details: add personal details like fresh flowers on the Oggian vases, candles on the Pako and Cobble side tables, and personalized decorations on the Killer storage rack.

Strategic lighting: use Sweet Brothers and Rabbit lamps to illuminate paths, conversation areas and focal points. Play with lighting to create depth and atmosphere.

In conclusion, setting up an event outdoors can be a rewarding and fun experience, especially when you have a selection of design elements such as those offered by Qeeboo. With Oggian cushions and vases, Pako and Cobble tables, Killer the storage unit, Help Your Self, Cobble Chairs and Sweet Brothers and Rabbit lamps, you can transform any outdoor space into an elegant and welcoming place. Whether it's a wedding, a party or a special event or simply the spaces of your home, Qeeboo's outdoor design adds that touch of color and play that will make your event unforgettable.

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Written by Alice Pruccoli

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