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Flos Architectural offers an interior lighting consumer product ideal as lighting for shops, shopping centers, showrooms. The Find me flos can also be used in home lighting thanks to the recessed version with casing and suspension. The Flos find me spotlight is available in three versions: single-point version composed of a cylindrical body that can be pulled downwards and which in the "recessed" position acts as a downlight spotlight and, once extracted, turns into a 360 ° adjustable spotlight , two-point version, consisting of a single recessed box where the spotlights are housed, and finally the suspension version consisting of the cylinder body with LED lighting and the corresponding electric cable that also performs the support function. suspension is ideal for shop windows lighting on center table etc ... The spotlight is made of aluminum and is offered in 3 different finishes: white, black and chrome.The system that allows the movement from hidden position to spot position is composed of elastic fittings on a toothed guide, thanks to this system the spot find me remains perfectly integrated in the environment. ght is adjustable and oscillating, its arm in zamak is adjustable up to 70 °. The power supply of the spotlight is external to the luminaire and can be combined with a lighting and lighting control system.

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Flos find me

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