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LED power supplies - Instructions for use and installation

The constant current power supplies must be used only for power LEDs that have the same current indicated on the power supplies, the most common power consumption are 350-500-700 mA. The maximum number of LEDs to be connected to the power supply depends on the type of LED used. Connect the red, green and yellow LEDs to the maximum number indicated. White and blue LEDs always connect one less than the indicated number. Always connect all LEDs in series. If constant voltage power supplies are used, they must be connected to groups of LEDs with built-in current regulators or with series resistors. Respect the maximum load power and the indicated voltages. Always pay attention to the polarity of the secondary + - is correct. Install the system away from heat sources and in well-ventilated areas. Minimum distance from 10cm LEDs. If the LED driver has thermal protection and the temperature exceeds the limit values, the power supply switches off and after a few seconds self-resets. Avoid short circuits on the secondary side and always switch off the power before connecting all the LEDs to the system. Tighten the screw of the clamps correctly without tightening with too much force or use an adjustable "torque" electric screwdriver. Connecting the LEDs: always use a 0.5 ... 1.5 mm cable for a maximum length of 10 m. 1.5mm for lengths exceeding 10m maximum 30m. Incoming wiring: use an input cable H03VVH2F 2x0.75 or a cable suitable for the appliance.

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