Constant current power supplies

Diffusione Luce offers for sale a complete range of electronic constant current power supplies for LED applications . To choose the right power supply in constant current it is necessary to perform this calculation: current absorbed by the led spotlight x working voltage of the spotlight, example 0.350 A x 3.4 volts = 1.2 W (power absorbed by the spotlight). In this case you must choose a power supply with output power starting from 1.2W and current 0.350 A. Do not install power supplies with minimum output power higher than the rated power absorbed by the installed spotlight, for example: 1.2W and 350mA spotlight with power supply starting from 4w and 350mA -> wrong and breaking of the LED diode. Different speech when you have installed LED spotlights in series, in this case to calculate the power of the power supply you need to add the power of spotlights example 10 products from 1.2w and 350 mA = 12w 350mA -> power supply needed with minimum power rating 12w 350mA. Mean well electronic power supplies are also available with degrees of protection IP65 / IP67 for outdoor applications.