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Discharge bulbs

Reference: NCKG70NW

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Metal halide lamp with ceramic technology with G12 socket and a power of 35W, 70W or 150W available in 3000K warm light and 4000K neutral light with high luminous efficiency and duration.

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Sale Discharge bulbs

Discharge bulbs

Distribution and sale of discharge light bulbs with neon, metal halide and sodium vapor technology. These bulbs use different internal elements, but they have the same thing in common when it comes to the ignition phase; in fact, to turn on they require an electrical discharge of a few Kv at low current. To light up, all discharge bulbs require an electronic or electromechanical ballast (less efficient) which will generate the discharge necessary to turn on the source. Neon gas is inserted into the fluorescent neon bulbs, halide gases in this case metal halides are inserted into the metal halides and inert gases mixed with sodium are inserted into the sodium lamps. To reach maximum brightness, these bulbs require a warm-up time > 20 seconds which is why they are not suitable for installation in places where multiple switching cycles are required in a short space of time.


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