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How many times have we happened to like so much a dress and not to know which color to choose, so much so that we would have liked to buy it in all the available colors?

With the lights you will no longer be forced to choose! LAMPO Lighting presents its new TRICOLOR luminous luminaires: in a single luminaire, three different color of light to choose, thanks to the presence of an integrated switch with which it’s possible to switch the color temperature of the LED by choosing between warm tones (3000K), neutral ones (4000K) or coldones (6000K).

At any time you want, you can then easily choose the shade of your light at a later time depending on the setting, the need for the type of room, or for the luminous need that occurs at that particular moment. Usually a warm shade is used for family environments (domestic and intimate), where the need is to relax and rest, such as bedrooms, spas, relaxation rooms. A neutral shade for shops, offices, studios, supermarkets; ideal not to change the colors of the products, on which it is applied. Up to the colder shade that stimulates concentration and reactivity, ideal therefore in environments such as laboratories, warehouses, factories, greenhouses ..

Lampo Lighting is ready to satisfy every type of light requirement, offering products of the highestquality, all rigorously with the latest generation of LEDs: GU10 bulbs connected directly to the current 100-240Volt, 8 or 10 W of power with flux width of 120 ° and 25.000 hours duration, to rounded spotlights with aluminum body coveredin thermoplastic material and available in different powers (7-10-25-35 W), up to the highlyefficient tricolor Led Panels, characterized by a white powder-coated aluminum frame, with an incredibly long life (40,000 hours) and easy installation and maintenance, all of them chracterizedby integrated switches to choose the ideal light tone whenever you want.

Discover the multicolor world of Lampo Lighting! On the Diffusione Luce e-shop you can find allthe available solutions:

Written by Sara Sabia

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