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In the panorama of designer furniture, &tradition stands out for the elegance and innovation of its creations and among these, outdoor tables and coffee tables play a fundamental role, especially now that summer has arrived.

These models are in fact designed to adapt to various contexts and uses, with particular attention to the quality of materials and design. Among the prominent models we find the Thorvald tables, the Rely coffee tables and the Ville tables which we will now discover in more detail.

&Tradition: Thorvald outdoor tables in the SC96 and SC97 versions

The Thorvald SC96 and SC97 coffee tables by &tradition are designed to offer versatile and design solutions for outdoor furniture.

The Thorvald SC96 model, with its round shape, is ideal for use as a coffee table or as a support on terraces and gardens. Its powder-coated steel structure guarantees resistance to atmospheric agents, while the table top offers sufficient space to place drinks, books or decorations.

The square-shaped Thorvald SC97 offers an equally elegant and functional alternative. In fact, this model is perfect for those looking for a compact table but capable of adding a touch of style to the outdoor area. Its stability and resistance also make it suitable for more dynamic contexts, such as outdoor restaurants and cafés.

Both models are finally available in black, green and ivory, allowing you to choose the shade that best suits the context in which you want to place them.

&Tradition: Thorvald SC98 outdoor table

Thorvald SC98, unlike its brothers which are support tables, is a dining table designed to host convivial moments in the open air. Its generous dimensions allow it to comfortably seat up to six people, making it perfect for lunches and dinners in the garden or on the terrace.

The powder-coated steel structure, always available in black, green and ivory, matches perfectly with outdoor contexts, creating an elegant and contemporary contrast. Finally, this table is light, resistant and easy to clean and is ideal for both urban and natural contexts.

&Tradition: Thorvald SC102 outdoor service table

Thorvald SC102 is a side table designed to offer practicality and style. This model, always available in black, green and ivory, can be used as a support for drinks, trays or any other object needed during a day outdoors. Its lightness and easy handling make it easy to move and position wherever you want, making it useful in many situations.

&Tradition: Rely ATD5 and ATD4 outdoor tables

The Rely line includes the ATD5 and ATD4 coffee tables, characterized by a modern and minimal design.

The ATD5 model, with its round shape, is perfect for creating welcoming corners in gardens or on terraces.

While the ATD4 model, with a square shape, offers a compact solution but with a great aesthetic impact.

Ideal for smaller spaces, this coffee table is perfect for creating small relaxation corners or as a support for decorations and accessories.

&Tradition: Ville AV25 and AV26 outdoor tables

The Ville tables are designed to accompany the benches and offer elegant and functional furnishing solutions.

The AV25 model is designed for smaller spaces, thanks to its compact dimensions which make it perfect for small balconies or terraces. The combination of teak wood for the top and powder-coated steel for the structure, available in black and green, creates a very classy visual effect.

The AV26 model is suitable for any context, thanks to its versatility and balanced design. The larger dimensions compared to the AV25 model allow it to be used as a dining table or as a support surface in larger spaces. Also in this case, the combination of materials guarantees resistance and long-lasting beauty.

The new collection of outdoor tables and coffee tables by &tradition represents a perfect combination of design, functionality and resistance. Each model is designed to adapt to different contexts and uses, offering elegant and practical furnishing solutions.

Whether it's a coffee table, dining table or side table, each piece is crafted from high-quality materials to ensure durability and a timeless aesthetic. With these innovations, &tradition continues to confirm itself as a point of reference for those looking for designer furnishings for outdoor spaces.

Discover &tradtion's outdoor coffee table models on our Diffusione Luce website. 

Written by Alice Pruccoli

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