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Vine Light is the new line signed by Artemide, one of the most important lighting companies not only in Italy but also all over the world, in collaboration with BIG BJARKE INGELS GROUP, a group of talented architects and designers working in the fields of architecture, urban and research. In particular, vine light is a recently launched series with an attractive design and astounding performance.

But what are the characteristics of Vine light, in which versions is it available, and why shouldn't you miss it if you are looking for new lighting for both your contract and domestic environments? Read on to find out.

Vine light specifics

Vine Light is a series of lamps with pure and balanced lines, which achieves great flexibility and freedom of movement with just two joints, so as to adapt to any need with a simple gesture. Its then minimalist design makes it a perfect lamp both for recreational spaces, such as galleries, hotel lobbies and elegant clubs, and for refined domestic settings.

It is in fact a series where Artemide and BIG BJARKE wanted to merge technology and simplicity, technology for the use of refined materials and for the quality of lighting, simplicity because on a visual level it appears clean and linear. Speaking of materials, however, Vine light was made with an extruded aluminum body, the joint and reflector in aluminum and the technopolymer diffuser.

In fact, this series was created to be compact and not take up space, thanks to these materials used. At the same time, despite its small size, you will get maximum lighting and visual comfort, thanks to the LED sources used.

Vine light therefore represents a synthesis in which apparent simplicity is the result of profound know-how and innovative research.

Vine light was then made in the table, wall and floor versions and available in black colour.

Wall Vine Light

Wall Vine Light is available in the smaller Spot or normal Wall version. This will allow you to have full flexibility based on the size of the room you are going to place it in. Thanks to its versatility, it will in fact be perfect for furnishing and effectively illuminating areas that would otherwise be dark, thanks to the fact that it is easier to position than other lamp models, and can decorate walls in a unique and original way.

Wall Vine light will therefore be ideal in entrances, to illuminate and give a touch of personality without being too intrusive, so as to welcome guests or customers. You can likewise place it in the bedrooms, for example near the headboard, so as to create intimate and soft lighting. In addition to taking up less space, this solution can be more elegant and give the entire setting a feeling of order and lightness.

Wall lamps are then perfect in art galleries or exhibitions, to decorate and illuminate paintings and sculptures, or they are ideal for completing the lighting of hotel lounges, restaurant walls or your own dining room.

Floor Vine Light

Vine Light in the floor version, on the other hand, offers broad and diffused lighting and can be positioned in different corners of your home or contract setting. In fact, these lamps entertain guests, capture attention and not only illuminate, but help decorate the room.

With its wide arm you can then use it in dining rooms in place of a chandelier, next to sofas to recreate a reading area, or near a bar counter or reception.

Finally, the use of high technologies used to make this lamp will ensure that you can also control it from a distance. Just connect the lamp to a tablet or smartphone via Bluetooth, and by downloading the Artemide app (available free for iOS and Android) you can have full control of the light source.

Table Vine Light

Finally we have the Vine Light in the table version, not bulky, light but equipped with a great lighting power. You can place it on desks in an office, above a table in a room or even above a piece of furniture in the entrance. Also in this case thanks to the Artemide app, you can manage and adjust the lamp comfortably with your smartphone.

What are you waiting for, come and discover the Vine Light on our Diffusione Luce website!

Written by Alice Pruccoli

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