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Minimal, light, space-saving and colourful, the Tolomeo table lamp is all this and much more. In fact, this design masterpiece has found so much success that it was also created in two limited edition versions, suitable for those who love unique and inimitable pieces.

Are you among these people? Discover the bicolor Tolomeo Limited Edition!

Tolomeo Limited Edition

This table lamp captivates not only with its impeccable functionality, but also with the meticulous attention to detail that makes it an illuminated work of art. But let's go into more detail, the distinctive feature is certainly its articulated arm structure, an intelligent design solution that offers flexibility and precision in the orientation of the light.

The solid base then perfectly supports the arm structure, providing stability without compromising the refined aesthetic. Made with high quality materials, the base gives a touch of modernity, while its minimal shape helps keep it elegant and space-saving, suitable for placing on any surface.

The lamp's articulated arm is also an example of sophisticated engineering, allowing you to adjust the light to your specific needs. This ergonomic design therefore offers a fluid range of movements, allowing you to direct the light beam with extreme precision.
Whether it is illuminating a page of a book, creating a welcoming atmosphere in a corner of the room or illuminating a work desk, the Tolomeo lamp adapts perfectly with ease and elegance.

But let's continue with the features, in the upper part of the arm there is a diffuser which frames the light in a soft and elegant way and which allows it to be reflected without causing discomfort to the eyes. But that's not all because a small opening has also been created above the head of this lamp, a distinctive touch, which allows the light to filter delicately upwards. This feature not only adds a touch of magic to the ambient lighting, but also helps to diffuse the light evenly, giving the room a welcoming and inviting tone.

The versatility of Tolomeo is also further expressed through its light weight and shape. In fact, the lamp is designed to adapt to any space without taking up too much, thus combining functionality and aesthetics.

Is it important for you to have a lamp that you can place on a small table or on a desk without it taking up all the space? With Tolomeo you will have no problems.

The choice of high quality materials not only gives durability and solidity to the product, but also translates into a feeling of luxury to the touch and sight.

Tolomeo limited edition colours

Finally, do we want to talk about the colors of the two limited edition versions? In the first case the base and stem are offered in a black shade, while the lamp head is available in a range of colours, including yellow, red, white and the fascinating red coral. Above all, this last color is a super new entry, which will add a note of contemporaneity and warmth to your setting, especially if you are looking for a lamp that stands out for its originality and that captures attention. These bicolor lamps will give the room just the charm you were looking for!

Discover the bicolor Tolomeo limited edition here!

If, however, you are looking for something even more refined and elegant, the 2023 limited version in the brushed copper Tolomeo is exactly what you need!

This selection of colors will therefore allow you to completely customize Tolomeo and respect the style and design of your room, integrating it perfectly.

In conclusion, the limited edition versions of Tolomeo are a statement of style, refinement and originality, because they embody the union between form and function. The articulated structure of this lamp, its characteristics and the choice of exclusive and elegant colors make it an essential design element if you love high-quality lighting.

What are you waiting for? Choose your Tolomeo finish!

Written by Alice Pruccoli

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