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Are you looking for extraordinary lighting that combines functionality, style and design? Then you can't miss the opportunity to discover Halley, Stilnovo's iconic work lamp, designed by the acclaimed designer Richard Sapper in 2005 and recently presented in a new release on the occasion of Euroluce 2023.

In fact, Halley is an object of historical and industrial design, which takes inspiration from Halley's comet. Sapper imagines the earth as the counterweight of the lamp itself, giving it stability as well as timeless beauty.

What's new with 2023 Halley?

In its new version, Halley moves by rotating around its weight in regular orbits, thus maintaining its functions unchanged and indeed becoming even more versatile and mouldable. The new Halley release presented during Euroluce 2023 adds a touch of freshness and innovation to the already appreciated original design.

Discover Halley here!

With high-quality materials and cutting-edge lighting technologies, this version is designed to meet the needs of the most demanding design lovers. Euroluce is in fact the perfect platform to present Halley's new features and functionality, once again confirming Stilnovo's commitment to excellence in lighting design.

What are Halley's characteristics?

So let's find out in more detail, what do you say? Halley is a table lamp that goes beyond its lighting function, because it is a luminous work of art that blends perfectly with any setting, bringing with it a timeless elegance.

Its distinctive features also make it an extraordinary choice if you appreciate the fusion between innovative design and impeccable functionality. In fact, Sapper has been able to create a shape that is both modern and timeless at the same time.

The slender and linear silhouette of the lamp adapts harmoniously to any space, whether you are furnishing your study, your work area or your living room. The Halley lamp therefore becomes a key element in elevating the aesthetics of your room, transforming it into refined and welcoming space.

In fact, this lamp allows all possible movements and is extremely versatile, thanks to its orbital structure. The illuminating head of the lamp is made up of sixteen LED chips with warm-white light which therefore contribute to energy savings.

In addition to this, the combination of various rotations via 6 joints, each rotating 360°, makes this lamp super flexible. Halley therefore moves three-dimensionally and illuminates with LED technology, thus ensuring clear and uniform light and reducing eye fatigue during long work sessions.

In addition to this, the back of the head incorporates a proximity dimmer, which means that you just need to bring your hand closer to the lamp to turn it on and off and adjust its light intensity.

Discover the Halley in the two finishes, black or anodized silver!

Where to place Halley?

Choosing where to place this table lamp becomes a pleasant decision rather than a dilemma. As we have already said, its versatility makes it suitable for different areas of the home or office. You can place it on your work table for maximum efficiency during your daily activities, or place it on your bedside table for an elegant light source before falling asleep. Halley also fits perfectly into living spaces and dining rooms, serving as an eye-catching design element.

Ultimately, Halley is not just a lamp; it's a luminous experience that transforms your space into something extraordinary. Its combination of impeccable design, advanced functionality and customization options makes it a purchase that goes far beyond the mere need to illuminate a room. It's an investment in elevating the atmosphere of your spaces, adding a touch of sophistication and style.

So, if you are looking for a task lamp that exceeds expectations and becomes a work of art in your home, Halley is the perfect choice for you.

Trust the mastery of Richard Sapper and the innovation of Stilnovo to bring home or your studio a unique piece that illuminates not only your space, but also your spirit.

Don't miss the opportunity to own one of the most iconic and desirable lamps on the market: Halley is ready to dazzle you with its unmistakable light.

Written by Alice Pruccoli

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