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Versatile and sinuous, the lamp we present today by Flos surprises and charms thanks to the refinement of its materials and its extremely innovative design. We are talking about the brand-new Belt, born from a brilliant intuition of Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec for FLOS: a technical design resulting from an absolutely common fashion accessory, revisited in an original way to become a real piece of furniture as well as a completely out of the box lighting fixture. The design of Belt is familiar to us, but at the same time surprises us: its concept is inspired by the functionality of a classic belt, a clothing accessory for everyday use, a common object that we absolutely did not expect to see hung from ceiling to illuminate our interior spaces.

Belt is pure flexibility, a sinuous line whose nature is in balance between the softness of leather and the rigidity of aluminum. The soft element is represented by the connection to the power supply, while the rigid parts correspond to the light sources, consisting of technical lighting lines covered in a fine leather cover sewn to measure that integrates all elements of the composition. Each element of the system is in fact controlled by leather straps, and the innovative connection system of Belt has been developed to achieve a sinuous line without apparent interruptions. 

Two of these straps support the weight of the device descending from the ceiling and can be easily adjusted in height by sliding the leather straps through dedicated metal buckles that act as ceiling hooks…As for fastening a belt!

Another leather strap is dedicated to masking the power supply of the lighting profiles, which can be installed from the ceiling or wall, depending on the disposition of electrical points in the room. Lastly, the rigid horizontal strap covers and contains the lighting profiles, each equipped with direct and indirect integrated light, individually controllable by remote control. The special micro-connector integrated in the terminal of the lighting profile allows the electrical connection to be made with a simple click. The connection element is hidden inside the leather strap that acts as a suspension to support the composition.

Leather is therefore the leitmotiv of Belt, the true heart of its design. Belt is in fact covered in fine leather, treated with natural dyes to obtain the three finishes available in the range: black, green and natural leather. A soft and warm material that guarantees freedom in the space but, at the same time, is characterized by certain rigidity. The result is a harmonious final composition. 

Furthermore, Belt system is completely customizable: the length of the lighting profiles and the straps can be changed according to the requirements of the project. The collection offers six different lengths so the composition can be adapted to the space by extending, rotating, rising or descending in three dimensions. Thus, suspended on a dining table or placed a large living room, Belt will give a touch of modernity and warmth to every space in a very unique way.

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Written by Sara Sabia

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