Luminous string lights: they illuminate, furnish and warm up the setting

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They illuminate, furnish, warm up the setting and transform it: here are the luminous string lights! The garden as well as the terrace greatly enhance houses, hotels, restaurants because they contribute to creating a pleasant and welcoming setting.

However, in order for all this to happen, it is essential to furnish these spaces in the best possible way, above all because the magic begins in the evening.

And this is where these beautiful light chains come into play, which are perfect for enhancing and creating that slightly vintage and slightly bohemian ambiance for your outdoor and indoor space.

Outdoor and indoor string lights:

The first is a Lampo string light fitted with 11 in-line lamp holders, available in black and white, perfect for both outdoor lighting such as gardens or terraces and for decorating indoors. This string light is also ideal if you want to illuminate large spaces because it is 12.5 meters long in total and this will allow you not to overlook any corner.

The second string light is from the New Lamps company and is 6.5 meters long and for this reason it adapts to more limited and confined spaces. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor spaces, it has 5 lamp holders and is available in black, making it extremely versatile and combinable with different styles.

The third string light, on the other hand, is 10.5 meters long and is made by the Lampo Lighting brand. It is available in black and white and has 10 lamp holders, each of which drops 5 centimetres. Consequently, this string light will not only illuminate your internal or external space, but will also contribute to decorating the surrounding setting, giving it an extra touch. Another peculiarity of this cord is that there is the possibility of connecting more than one together, using the watertight connectors included but also of dividing it every 5 meters. Precisely for these reasons, the string light is very flexible and adapts to different setting, both large and spacious and smaller and more intimate.

Continuing, the fourth string light is equipped with 10 bulbs, is available in black, is 5.50 meters long and has several unique characteristics. First of all, this also allows you to connect several cords via the watertight connectors included, thus becoming versatile and flexible based on the size of the spaces. But the real novelty is that it allows you to manage the color of the lamps from warm white to cool white either via a button on the power supply or via the Tuya smart App which can be managed via Alexa and google assistant.

In fact, with the TUYA application you will have full remote control of the lighting, thus having different colors and light effects. So imagine the convenience of connecting the string light to the home Wi-Fi network, connecting it to your phone, and managing the lighting with a click. With the light from this string light you will therefore create a unique atmosphere not only at home, in the garden or on the terrace, but also in a bar, restaurant or other recreation areas.

Speaking instead of the latest news, if you are looking for something more unusual for the lighting of your indoor and outdoor spaces, you can only fall in love with this string light available in Tiffany blue (aquamarine) or pink. Specifically, this catenary has 10 lamp holders, each one 1 meter away from the next one. In total it is 11.5 meters long but also in this case you can either divide it into two 5-meter parts or add other tailpieces.

Outdoor light chain 50 meters:

This string light is available in black and is perfect for furnishing and lighting big events both indoors and outdoors, as it has either 50 or 120 lamp holders for a length of 51.5 metres. But that's not all because there is also the possibility to connect several cords via the watertight FAST connectors included, reaching a maximum of 10 cords (100 metres). While for smaller spaces, the cord can be divided into two 5-metre parts thanks to the central IP65 connector.

But if the lighting weren't enough, the 101.5-metre-long string light with 240 lamp holders will be right up your alley, where each lamp holder is 42 cm away from the next. 

As you have seen, you are spoiled for choice to illuminate your indoor and outdoor spaces.

So choose your string light and give an extra touch to your space! You can find them on our Light Diffusion website!

Written by Alice Pruccoli

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