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Take a lamp of almost 50 years old. Precisely, a table lamp born in 1971 from the genius of a great Danish designer, in love with organic forms. Then, take this lamp and bring it to the present day, add a pinch of innovation ... and discover with wonder that it could not be more current!
We are talking about Panthella, the table lamp produced by Louis Poulsen in collaboration with Verner Panton, Danish designer who wanted to create a luminous object in which both the base and the screen had the function of light reflector, using organic and harmonious shapes inspired by nature, which are able to enhance its wonderful characteristics. 

Elegant and playful, the Panthella universe is made of light, a light of the highest quality, which is expressed in this lamp by Louis Poulsen in all the versions of the collection. Let’s discover Panthella Table, the historic white lamp that represents the origin of the collection born in 1971 from the design of Verner Panthon and which still today represents one of his most popular design objects. Originally designed in different colors, today it’s available in an elegant white acrylic color for the base and the stem, which becomes opal for the screen, and can accommodate low-consumption LED bulbs, to always be in step with the times.

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Even Panthella Floor, like the table version, represents the origins of the collection, but in a full-height version: the historic white floor lamp is available in all its elegance on Diffusione Luce e-shop:

For those who are never satisfied and are always looking for something different, we introduce you Panthella MINI, the mini led table lamp produced in many super pop colors! Panthella Mini is the miniature LED version of the original Panthella Table lamp of 1971. Equipped with 10W 2700K warm light LED chip, with a dimmer to adjust the light intensity and a switch-off timer and available in twelve different colors in addition to the classic white acrylic opal, including black, blue, green, orange, pink, red, and in the new chrome version. The vibrant colors of the Panthella MINI are inspired by the latest Panton exhibition in 1998 at the Trapholt Museum of Modern Art in Kolding, Denmark, entitled "Light and Color". The small size, with a diameter of 25 cm and a height of 33.5 cm, makes this lamp perfect for illuminating and decorate a shelf, the entranceof your home, a window sill and even shelves, tables and bedside tables, thanks to the integrated energy saving LED source. All these features are combined with the practicality of the switch put on the cable, characterised by a stepless dimmer adjustable from 15% to 100% of light, even integrating the timer function for automatic shutdown, which can be set to 4 or 8 hours.

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The authentic superstar of the collection is her, Panthella Portable, the new portable version of the Panthella family, a concentrate of innovation and elegance in just 16 cm in diameter, always showing the unique Louis Poulsen design.
Made of acrylic, easy to transport, with LED battery source rechargeable via USB, this mini Panthella gives each space harmonious and glare-free lighting that allows you to appreciate the Verner Panton design wherever you want, even outdoors! Like the original lamp, Panthella Portable emits a light directed downwards, which is reflected on the base of the lamp creating a delicate light, without glare, to which contributes the transparency of the opal screen and the reflection of the light beam facing downwards coming from inside the screen. Panthella Portable can be easily transported and used anywhere to create atmosphere and to illuminate with refinement a special moment in the garden, on the terrace, in the terrace of a restaurant or simply at home, for an intimate and special date.
Panthella Portable is available in the classic opal acrylic version, with the switch integrated in the die-cast aluminum base, complete with integrated 2.5W warm light LED chip (color temperature 2700K) dimmable according to three brightness levels (10% - 33% - 100%).
Its light is powered by a 5-hour lithium battery that can be recharged comfortably wirelessly or via USB. In this way, you can experience the timeless Panthella design and the quality of its light wherever and wherever you want.

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Written by Sara Sabia

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