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Frenesi was born from the name of the protagonist of the novel Vineland by the American writer Thomas Pynchon, and is inspired by the idea of ​​the wave, which is nothing more than a sensual ripple.

Made of the purest and most sustainable material, glass, this lamp is able to emit a soft light inside its angular structure. Frenesi was then presented by Fontana Arte, a famous Italian company specializing in art lighting and design, during 2023 Euroluce.

It is a surprising and versatile lamp, conceived by the renowned director and designer Luca Guadagnino who was inspired by art deco, a style loved in all its forms, in particular for the angularity, for the design, the regular shapes of the lines that meet and cross.

Indeed, Frenesi embodies a unique combination of refined aesthetics and functionality, offering lighting solutions for both domestic and industrial contexts. In this article, we will therefore explore the innovative features of Frenesi and its multiple uses.

Frenesi specifics

Frenesi is distinguished by its innovative features that make it an exceptional addition to any setting. The lamp is designed with a light and sinuous structure, creating a harmonious and delicate visual effect. Its elegant and contemporary design then blends perfectly with modern and minimalist interiors, but can also add a touch of sophistication to more classic spaces. Characterized by gentle ripples made of transparent-blue glass that recalls the sea, Frenesi is a splendid wall ceiling lamp.

The light it gives off with its dimmable LEDs is then soft and warm, and is placed inside an angular structure which helps to make the atmosphere even more relaxing and romantic. Furthermore, the lamp is equipped with a light intensity control system, allowing you to adjust the light according to personal preferences and the needs of the surrounding setting.

Where to place Frenesi

Frenesi is therefore the ideal choice for lighting domestic setting, its timeless elegance fits perfectly into living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms, adding a touch of sophisticated style. Positioned near a dining or work table, Frenesi creates a focused and well-distributed light, making the setting inviting and functional.

In addition to being suitable for domestic use, Frenesi can also be used in industrial or commercial contexts. Its technical and functional characteristics make it ideal for offices, meeting rooms and work spaces. The adjustable light and luminous intensity then make it possible to create the ideal lighting for each activity, guaranteeing visual comfort and optimal concentration.

Frenesi by Fontana Arte therefore represents a new milestone in contemporary art lighting. With its elegant design and style, it fits perfectly into domestic and industrial contexts, adding a touch of sophistication to its surroundings.

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Written by Alice Pruccoli

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