Flos Coordinates series

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''A playful intersection of lines, a luminous grid of increasing complexity, a suggestive, elegant and harmonious composition.''

All this is “Coordinates” collection by FLOS, designed by Michael Anastassiades, a lighting system built through the composition of horizontal and vertical light bars which form illuminated reticular structures, a collection of models and compositions characterized by different levels of complexity. Composed by interlocking linear LED luminaires, the shapes of every piece of the collection take their formal inspiration from the mathematical precision of the Cartesian grid, illuminated and expanded to three brilliant dimensions.

The system can be easily shaped and adapted to different lighting needs and to spaces of different sizes and functions.

Indeed the collection includes a broad array of set configurations, which can be used in any setting, including four models of suspended chandeliers of different sizes and three ceiling-mounted luminaires, available in two lengths to suit even spaces with high ceilings, which are difficult to illuminate and enhance without trivializing the lighting fixture itself. It also features a repeatable module that can be suspended or ceiling-mounted, ideally suited to impressive, large-scale installations as often featured in contract projects. The collection is completed by a vertical floor lamp model featuring a simple round base and two lighting bars, which can be set at the preferred beam angle during assembly.

Using “Coordinates” lights, the fixture itself becomes the uncontested protagonist of the space: Coordinates imposes itself with a strong visual impact, generating a totally elegant, bright and not-ordinary space.

The history behind this collection is extraordinary itself. The design of Coordinates series evolved from a commission for the feature lighting of the main dining area at New York City’s historic Four Seasons restaurant, which relocated and reopened in 2018 with the interiors designed by Säo Paolo-based architect Isay Weinfeld

The materials used for the lighting fixtures contribute to enhance the preciousness of the lamps, which as usual for FLOS products, become extraordinary design objects: a body in extruded aluminum with a sophisticated anodised champagne finish, and an opal-white platinic silicone diffuser.

Exact, elegant, and easily adaptable, this collection offers a flexible yet formally rigorous solution for a diverse range of indoor environments, from the most minimal to the most majestic, providing maximum impact with a minimal touch. Discover all the pieces of this magic collection on Diffusione Luce e-shop www.diffusioneshop.com

Written by Sara Sabia

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