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Don't miss out this new piece of the Slide Design home in collaboration with Favaretto & Partners. Small, versatile, playful and effective, let's discover Amanda together.

Slide is a company founded by Giò Colonna Romano, who combined his creativity and imagination with technical skills. Today Side is a reference point for furniture and lighting elements, appreciated for the choices of shapes and materials everywhere in the world.

Returning to us, after Ambrogio's success, Amanda was created, his ideal companion, born precisely to keep Ambrogio company. It is a service table with a cartoon-like shape and a green character, all elements that are also found in his soulmate Ambrogio.

So if you are looking for furnishing elements, together they are a perfect couple. Their playful and cheerful soul will give color and warmth to your rooms.

Amanda specifics

Continuing to deepen its specifications, like Ambrogio, Amanda too has an eco-sustainable soul. In fact it was made from a plastic blend composed of 30% EcoAllene, a material 100% recycled from the Tetrapack cartons while the remaining 70% in polyethylene.

With all the waste that is generated every day, being able to give a second life to plastic otherwise destined for landfills or incinerators is now a duty on the part of companies.

Thanks to numerous colors in which 13 are available, 4 of which are special, it is extremely versatile and adapts perfectly to any style. It is therefore ideal both for residential setting and for contract furniture, to give an original and cartoonish touch.

Thanks to the materials in which it was made, it can then be used both indoors and outdoors, finding a place in the house, in the garden next to the deckchair, but also in shop windows and shops. Its support surface is also perfect as a support where you can place books, alarm clocks, plants, but also magazines and vases.

What are you waiting for? Discover on our website all the colors in which Amanda is available and don't miss it. 

Written by Alice Pruccoli

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