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TCI 121075 ELC ALO50 Emergency Light Kit for Halogen Lamps 12V 20W-50W
  • TCI 121075 ELC ALO50 Emergency Light Kit for Halogen Lamps 12V 20W-50W
TCI 121075 ELC ALO50 Emergency Light Kit for Halogen Lamps 12V 20W-50W

TCI ELC ALO50 Emergency kit for Halogen Lamps 12V 20W-50W

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KIT for emergency lighting for 12V low voltage halogen lamps from 20 w to 50 w. 

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Product Information:

Emergency group with instant intervention for every lack of network. Operation both in continuous light and in emergency only. High efficiency with minimal heat loss and absolute reliability over time. Compact dimensions.

  • Automatic operation.
  • Maintained or non maintained operation.
  • Suitable for use with magnetic or electronic transformers. High efficiency, minimum heat dispersion
  • and absolute reliability.
  • High temperature Ni-Cd batteries.
  • Charge indicator with LED.
  • Protection device against extensive discharge.
  • Reset Mode facility with remote control device.
  • Inhibition Mode .
  • Self diagnosis system with external module. In compliance with EN60924. 


  • Length battery cable 280 mm.
  • Length LED cable: 350 mm.
  • LED mounting hole: D. 8,8 mm.
  • Operating frequency: 20-80 Khz.
  • Supply current: 40 mA. max cosfi 0,9.
  • Screwless terminals max. connection size: 1,5 mm2. Max distance between ballast and lamp: 2 m. 


All Emergency lighting KITS TCI are provided with rechargeable high temperature Ni-Cd Saft batteries. These cells accept a permanent charge for a minimum of 4 years in high-temperature environments (up to + 40°C) such as security lighting equipment.

  • Constant voltage during discharge.
  • Zero maintenance.
  • Long cycle life (over 500 charge discharge cycles).
  • Long term storage (up 4 months in normal conditions: temperature range of + 5°C to + 25°C in a 65 5% relative humidity atmosphere). 
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Data sheet

Input voltage
230-240 V 50-60 Hz
Output voltage
12V DC
Depth in mm
Width in mm
Length in mm
Light source
Current carrying capacity
40 mA
Power output in watts
20-50 W
Autonomy in hours
Bulb power
Up to 50w
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