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Sensors for led strips

Reference: E1-C


Electronic switch with touch spring to be incorporated and connected to 12V and 24Volt LED strips with memory and dimmer function included in the switch. Ideal to be applied inside aluminum profiles and profiles. It manages up to a maximum of 72W at 24V and 36W at 12V. 

Price $16.47
Shipped in 1-2 days


Lampo Lighting

Lampo Wifi controller kit for LEDs or RGB strips of 12V (144W Max) or 24V (288W Max). The kit includes power cable and RGB LED strip connection cable. No need remote control, possibility to manage via smartphone APP or with the sound of your voice via Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Input 5-24Volt. Up to 16 million colors.

Price $54.70 Regular price $75.98
Shipping in 1-2 days


Lampo Lighting

Dimmer controller with touch system, ideal for adjusting light intensity and managing 12 / 24V systems. Brightness adjustment via TOUCH ring, ON-OFF button included. Recessed or surface mounted with special kit to be purchased separately. Dimensions: 86x86x35 mm. Supported power: 12V Max 144W, 24V Max 288W. DC 5-24V input

Price $70.04 Regular price $97.28
Shipped in 5-7 days


Lampo Lighting

Available in different variants

Semi-transparent 12-24V on-off touch sensor of small dimensions, particularly suitable for applications with LED strips. Fixing with double-sided adhesive. Internal cable length 10 cm and external 150 cm. Dimensions: 7 x 25 x 10.5 mm

Price $27.21 Regular price $37.79
Shipped in 5-7 days
Sale Sensors for led strips

Sensors for led strips

Sensors that can be integrated with slim aluminum profiles for LED strips and very low voltage 12V 24V applications. Sensors with PIR, perimeter movement sensors, or touch sensors are available. These small sensors with miniaturized electronics can be mounted directly inside the aluminum profiles which also house the LED strips. These sensors have current capacities < 3A. They are very useful for installing in wardrobe doors, kitchen doors, chests of drawers and much more.


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