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Sensors for led strips
Sale Sensors for led strips

Sensors for led strips

Sensors that can be integrated into slim aluminum profiles for LED strips and very low voltage applications 12v 24v . PIR sensors, perimeter movement sensors, or touch-sensitive touch sensors are available. These small sensors with miniaturized electronics can be mounted directly inside the aluminum profiles that also house the LED strips. These sensors have current ratings <3A. They are very useful to be installed in closet doors, doors, kitchens, drawers.

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Brand: Lampo Lighting

Lampo Wifi controller kit for LEDs or RGB strips of 12V (144W Max) or 24V (288W Max). The kit includes power cable and RGB LED strip connection cable. No need remote control, possibility to manage via smartphone APP or with the sound of your voice via Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Input 5-24Volt. Up to 16 million colors.

Price $53.17 Regular price $73.84
Shipping in 1-2 days


Brand: Lampo Lighting

Dimmer controller with touch system, ideal for adjusting light intensity and managing 12 / 24V systems. Brightness adjustment via TOUCH ring, ON-OFF button included. Recessed or surface mounted with special kit to be purchased separately. Dimensions: 86x86x35 mm. Supported power: 12V Max 144W, 24V Max 288W. DC 5-24V input

Price $68.07 Regular price $94.55
Shipped in 1-3 days

Reference: SENSMICRO

Brand: Lampo Lighting

Motion detector with microwave sensor (5.8 Ghz), able to overcome obstacles such as glass, doors or thin walls, equipped with adjustment of the distance from 3 to 10 meters, the time from 10 seconds to 15 minutes and the sensitivity of the light from 10 to 2000 lux. With a 360 ° range of action. IP20.

Price $19.21 Regular price $26.68
Shipping in 1-2 days

Reference: DOOR/SENSOR

Brand: Lampo Lighting

ON / OFF sensor with 2 operating modes, working 12-24V for a maximum of 15W at 12V and 30W at 24V. Ideal for LEDs, use in furniture doors to turn the light on and off automatically. Cable length 250 cm. IP20 protection degree for indoor use. Fixing with screws or recessed, complete with adhesive.

Price $44.27 Regular price $61.48
Shipped in 1-3 days