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The Ixa series by Artemide is a design product that combines elegance and functionality. Artemide and Foster+Partners in fact share a modern approach in creating essential, flexible and minimal products.

Available in various colours and models, Ixa is perfect for use in different locations, both at home and in work environments such as offices, hotels and restaurants. Let's find out together.

Ixa Artemide specifics

The composition of Ixa begins with a spherical head-diffuser which then continues with a rod fixed to a base. But the innovative element is certainly the diffuser, as it is removable thanks to a magnet. This allows 360° freedom of movement so that it can be positioned as you wish and direct the light where needed. As a result, Ixa brings light where it is needed, inviting us to physically interact with the object and making us protagonists of our bright space.

Ixa is also available in the colours: Anthracite, Yellow, White/Grey or Blue, so as to adapt to any style. The light, on the other hand, is warm and welcoming, and this helps to create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere, then with the integrated dimmer, you can adjust the intensity of the light according to your needs, making Ixa ideal for reading or for lighting specific points in the setting.

Finally, thanks to the flexible structure, Ixa is available in three models: table, floor and wall.

Table Ixa

The table model is perfect for illuminating desks, bedside tables or work tables. Thanks to its elegant and refined design, it adapts to any settings, from the office to the bedroom. The table version is also one of the simpler models, because it is based exclusively on the rotation of the head mounted on a fixed structure.‎

Floor lamp Ixa

The floor model, on the other hand, is ideal for lighting larger rooms, such as living rooms or hotel and restaurant lobbies. Thanks to its flexible structure, it is possible to direct the light in order to create different atmospheres according to the occasion.

The floor model is then one of the most complex designed by Artemide and Foster+Partners where spherical counterweights and multiple rotation and inclination points are combined, so as to have maximum freedom and fluidity of movement of light in space.‎

Wall Ixa

Finally, the wall version will give a modern and essential touch along entrances, corridors, staircases or dining rooms. In fact, the wall Ixa adapts to countless indoor designs, from residential to contract, with a minimal and flexible look to express the quality of the light, form and materials.

In conclusion, the Ixa lamp by Artemide is an elegant and functional design product, available in different colors and models. Thanks to its flexible structure and its warm and welcoming light, it is suitable for different locations, both at home and in work settings. So if you are looking for a high quality product that combines elegance and functionality, the Ixa lamp by Artemide is certainly a winning choice.

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Written by Alice Pruccoli

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