Skynest, Flos

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Skynest is a unique suspension lamp of its kind, born from the creativity and skills of the Marcel Wanders studio for Flos.

 “Beauty lies in making objects magical, using light in a poetic way, hiding technology by celebrating the object and light."

Skynest, Flos

Its peculiarity lies in the light intertwined with baskets and fishing nets, a mix of craftsmanship and technology that will make you fall in love. In fact, the use of materials and the manual processing of these lamps, combined with creativity and innovation, have given birth to a modern and contemporary lamp.

Thanks to its shapes, Skynest offers a 360-degree light, does not cast a shadow and diffuses the light in a very balanced way. In fact, no one expects such a powerful and diffused light source to come out of this woven fabric basket.

As if that were not enough, this lamp is completely recyclable and each piece can be removed, so as to last indefinitely and avoid waste. Indeed, for Flos sustainability is a very important aspect that must never be underestimated.

Skynest is also very light, since the weight of the materials is minimal so that it can be moved and lifted without too many problems.

Aesthetically, Skynest has the typical suspension shape, with a central core and with what, at first glance, looks like a lampshade.

The light, however, is not emitted by a bulb or a LED board, but by the elements that they make up the structure of the lampshade: LED strips covered in fabric. The textile tubes integrated with LED lights, therefore, create a unique element of surprise, which challenges the archetype of bulb lighting.

In conclusion, given its many features, Skynest is a lamp that lends itself perfectly to both domestic and industrial contexts, therefore perfect as a light point in a dining room or in a hotel or restaurant.

Its elegance and its details will then be able to enhance any context, capturing the attention and astounding anyone. It is then available in Anthracite, red, almond and blue colors.

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Written by Alice Pruccoli

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