Parola Limited Edition

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If the first word a child says is the result of an innate instinct, then also the lamp “Parola” conveys the same instinctive vibe, as an expression of art and a manifesto of the progress of technology. In fact, Parola is a sort of inventory of glass technologies, in which three different types of glass coexist (blown, crystal and pyrex) for three different functions: support, structure and light diffusion.

The flat glass is the base, on which the stem made of resistant Pyrex glass is placed, which supports the blown glass bowl acting as light diffuser, a tribute to the traditional Murano glass-working technique.

This is a delicately balanced piece of design, consisting of a perfect opal sphere perforated in the upper part, and its support, a transparent concave stem that receives the power supply wire and stays on a circular base, very thick but gentle in its presence.

Soft colors, opal white and transparent glass: a sophisticated materiality. A combination of forms that become art, ridding themselves of geometric rigidity, adding an ethereal “suspended” elegance.

Thanks to this balanced synthesis of different elements and processes, all made from a single, versatile material, Parola lamp represents a model of perfect technical integration between craftsmanship, industry and design, raising the use of glass to an artistic and industrial level of interpretation.

An innovative lamp which, by recovering the relationship with history, is actually able to write a new story.

But the innovation doesn't stop here. 

Made in 1980 on a project by Gae Aulenti and Piero Castiglioni, for the occasion of the 40th anniversary of its creation, FontanaArte reissued the famous lamp in a new Limited Edition, a table version with the opal white diffuser and the base in transparent glass. This exclusive 400-piece collection definetely writes a new story in the panorama of international lighting design.

In a word, simply “Parola”.

Take it home with you, you can find it on the Diffusione Luce online shop, you just have to discover the timeless charm in a limited edition.

Written by Sara Sabia

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