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Her name is Easy Peasy, you’ll love it because it is literally so … easy-peasy! It is small, fun, rechargeable, pret-a-porter… you will no longer be able to go without her. 

Easy Peasy comes from a project by Luca Nichetto, Design Curator at Lodes. The Italian company launched a new rebranding venture in 2020. In fact, for 70 years it had been known as Studio Italia Design, a pioneer of Ventian lighting branding now focused on contemporary design and technological innovation. 

Lodes gives a glimpse of the next 2021 collection which is sculptural, interactive and wireless, ultra-modern yet refined.


Easy Peasy looks like a playful bell: indeed, the rounded lines of the body recall the shape of a bell and the knob on the top is a perfect ornament that actually works as a swap to adjust the light intensity and warmth thanks to the dim-to-warm technology. Easy Peasy is the perfect combination of aesthetics and technology, playfulness and practicality, it creates the right atmosphere for every occasion. 

"Design today requires a perfect integration between interaction and technological performance that allows you to create pieces that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but that are also functional and that establish a connection", says the designer Luca Nichetto.

Easy Peasy is also the ultimate synthesis of different materials: the metal base contains LED light source while the white methacrylate diffuser is enclosed by a blown glass bell that filters the light. Mixing different elements creates a pleasant eye sensation, in addition to a combination of colors resulting in 4 theme variations: Chestnut, Flamingo, Lagoon and Kelp. 

USB battery operation completes the features of this incredible lamp, making it super versatile: I think of the classical table or bedside standing, in a corner of a living room, on an entrance drawer or even on an outdoor patio, perfect for summer gatherings. 

So, Easy-Peasy, as I said earlier. Choose your favorite on Diffusioneshop!

Written da Sara Sabia

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