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Don't miss this unique piece: the Sorella lamp by Spazio 1999
Published : 2024-01-31 | Categories : Lighting

Are you a fan of science fiction films and TV series? Then you must have the Sorella lamp used in the Spazio 1999 series!

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What are thermometric scales?
Published : 2024-01-23 | Categories : Lighting

Why are there multiple thermometric scales? And what are their differences? Read on to find out!

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Why do the lights in videos flicker?
Published : 2024-01-19 | Categories : Lighting

Why do the lights in videos increasingly flicker? And above all, how can you avoid it? Read on to find out.

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The lamp you were looking for is here: Tolomeo Limited Edition
Published : 2024-01-12 | Categories : Lighting

Are you looking for a lamp that stands out for its originality and that captures attention, that is light and functional?

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Minotti mirrors, the Wow effect you will no longer be able to do without!
Published : 2024-01-02 | Categories : Lighting

Don't miss Minotti's lines of mirrors, from home to restaurant, from a hotel lobby to a bar, these mirrors are super!

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The lamp everyone is looking for: Halley by Stilnovo
Published : 2023-12-31 | Categories : Lighting

Are you looking for extraordinary lighting that combines functionality, style and design? Then you can't miss Halley!

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Oggian by Qeeboo: the collection you were waiting for
Published : 2023-12-27 | Categories : Lighting

Forget banality, with Oggian products you can furnish and decorate your spaces like no other. Come and discover them!

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5 WOW ideas for your outdoor Christmas lighting
Published : 2023-12-19 | Categories : Lighting

How to decorate your outdoor spaces? Which lighting to prefer and which decorative elements to choose? Here are our recommendation

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Office lighting: the complete guide
Published : 2023-12-12 | Categories : Lighting

How do you create the right lighting in the office? Read on for tips on how to transform your space!

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