How to choose the right mirror for every context

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Mirrors are fundamental elements in home furnishings, not only for their functionality, but also for their aesthetic impact. In fact, choosing the right mirror can enhance and improve any setting, from the functionality of the bathroom to the elegance of the living room.

So here is a guide to help you choose the perfect mirror for every room in your home.

Bathroom mirrors

The bathroom is a place where practicality and resistance are essential. The mirrors intended for this room must therefore have some specific characteristics:

Humidity resistance: humidity is one of the main enemies of mirrors. For this reason, bathroom mirrors must be treated to resist corrosion caused by steam and water.

Anti-condensation: a very useful function is the anti-condensation system, which prevents the mirror from fogging up after a hot shower.

Integrated Lighting: many modern bathroom mirrors include integrated LED lights, ideal for precision actions such as applying makeup or shaving.

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Dimensions and positioning: obviously it is essential to consider the size of your bathroom and consequently the positioning of the mirror, so that it is proportionate and neither too large nor too small.

Mirrors for other context

Every room in the house has different needs when it comes to mirrors. So here are some guidelines to help you choose the right mirror for each room:

Entryway: A large mirror in the entryway can be extremely practical. Not only does it allow you to give your appearance a final check before heading out, but it can also make the space feel larger and brighter. Choose a design that reflects the rest of your home decor.

Hallway: Hallways can benefit greatly from the addition of mirrors, which reflect light and visually expand the space. An interesting idea could be to use a series of small mirrors along the corridor, thus creating a gallery effect.

Living room: In this area, mirrors can be used as decorative elements. For example, a large mirror placed above the fireplace or behind a sofa can become a focal point of the room. You could also choose mirrors with elaborate or designer frames, to add a touch of elegance and charm.

Bedroom: In bedroom, mirrors are essential both for their functionality and for their aesthetic contribution. A large full-length mirror is therefore recommended, useful for dressing, but the idea of ​​placing smaller decorative mirrors, which can add a touch of style, is also very nice.

Models of mirrors for every context

Since up to now we have talked in a general way about the functionality and aesthetics of mirrors, now let's look at some examples, so that you can also find inspiration.

The Plus Belle by Flos

This large oval mirror, equipped with integrated LED lighting, is perfect for the bedroom or entrance hall. Its modern and sophisticated design adapts very well to contemporary and minimal spaces.

Minotti Noir and White Mirror

This mirror is available in different irregular shapes and can be positioned both horizontally and vertically. It is available in black and white and also custom-made in many other colours. The advantage of this Minotti mirror is its extreme elegance and versatility. It is perfect for the bathroom, but also to be used in the entrance or living room. Its minimalist design makes it easy to combine with different furnishing styles.

Minotti Full Moon

With its circular shape and slim frame, the Full Moon mirror is a refined addition to any room. Perfect for the living room or bedroom, it can be used as a central piece to add depth and brightness to the room.

Qeeboo Oggian

This mirror features an artistic and fun design, with playful shapes and bright colors. It is ideal for creative spaces such as a study, entryway or children's room. Its unique style therefore makes it a focal point in any context.

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Astro Lighting Nagoya

The Nagoya mirror by Astro Lighting features an elegant and functional design, with integrated lighting that makes it perfect for the bathroom. Its circular shape and illuminated edge offer uniform, shadow-free lighting, ideal for makeup or shaving. 

Minotti Bird Watch

This mirror features a distinctive design with decorative details inspired by nature. It is perfect for a living room or bedroom, where it can add a touch of originality and character.

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In conclusion, choosing the right mirror for each room in your home requires attention to the specific needs of each space. From the bathroom, where durability and functionality are crucial, to other rooms in the house, where mirrors can serve as decorative and functional elements, it is important to consider both aesthetics and practicality.

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Written by Alice Pruccoli

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