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In the world of contemporary furniture, few collections can boast the versatility and style of Qeeboo's Oggian Series. Presented at Design Week 2022 in Milan, this collection was incredibly successful. With a complete range of furnishing accessories ranging from coffee tables to mirrors, from carpets to cushions, up to poufs, teddy bears and vases, this collection presents itself as an authentic design masterpiece that blends functionality and style in a unique way.

So if you are looking for products made in Italy, colourful, kitsch and impactful, the Qeeboo collection in collaboration with the designer Marco Oggian is what's right for you!

You can find all the Oggian collection here!

Would you like to know more? In this article you will find the different products in detail, but be careful because you will no longer be able to do without them!

Distinctive features of the Oggian Series

First of all, each piece of the Oggian Series is made from high-quality materials that not only ensure durability but also add a touch of luxury to the ambiance. Precious wood, soft fabrics and carefully ceramics characterize these pieces, making them suitable for any type of context.

Secondly the design, the Oggian Series is characterized by clean and modern lines, but also has a keen eye for detail. In fact, the geometric shapes and patterns are well studied and give each element a contemporary look, adaptable to a variety of furnishing styles.

Shall we talk about the colors then? The collection features a vibrant and captivating color palette that allows you to customize spaces according to personal tastes. From playful and refined tones to bold and brilliant shades, the Oggian Series adapts to every style need.

Finally we have versatility, in fact each element is distinctive but at the same time adapts to multiple contexts and uses. For example, the coffee table can act as a multifunctional centrepiece, the poufs can be used as extra seats or side tables, while the vases and teddy bears can be strategically positioned to add a touch of liveliness and originality to your home or contract area.

Where to place the Oggian collection

The Oggian Series embodies a bold, contemporary style that stands out for its unique aesthetic. Minimalist elegance mixes with the originality of details, creating a harmonious balance between form and functionality.

These pieces fit perfectly into modern spaces, industrial lofts or classic settings, demonstrating their timeless versatility.

So here are some tips on where to place them, coffee tables and poufs are, for example, perfect to place in the living room, adding a touch of style without sacrificing practicality.

Mirrors and cushions, on the other hand, can transform the bedroom or living room into a welcoming and glamorous space or to create intimacy at the entrance to your home or contract setting.

Continuing, teddy bears and vases can be placed in lounge spaces or in the dining room, adding an element of comfort and originality.

Oggian collection: mirrors

In the Oggian collection you can choose between three variants of decorative mirrors in different sizes, perfect for decorating and embellishing any interior thanks to their original and playful design.

Discover Samu the red palm tree, Unuka the colorful snake that takes the shape of a star and Vibor a black-skinned snake with a pink line.

Choose you favourite mirror!

Oggian collection: vases

These vases characterized by animal, human or plant figures and with primary and lively colours, create a family of entirely ceramic products which together constitute a figurative landscape that best represents the imaginary vision of the designer.

The Beautiful Face, Giuggiolo, Mister Mouse and Red Palm versions will turn heads simply by placing them on any table, shelf or shelf in the house.

These are the best vase for you!

Oggian collection: coffee table

Marco Oggian designed these decorative animal-shaped side tables and are entirely made of lacquered wood. They are available in 4 fun and playful variations: Jumbo the pink elephant, Mambo the black snake, Otis the blue whale and Aziz the red camel.

Here you can find the Oggian coffe table!

Oggian collection: cushions

Marco Oggian uses his extravagant graphics representing monsters, creatures and geometric shapes to create these cushions. Eye-catching and fun, they will add a touch of color to your living room or bedroom. The two sides of the cushion then have two different graphics, thus becoming super versatile.

Don't miss the Oggian cushions!

Oggian collection: pouf

The poufs designed by Marco Oggian feature playful patterns all around. Some also have the words "sit here" written on them, encouraging people to try them and enjoy the comforts they offer.

They are made of polyurethane and polystyrene while the covering is 100% PES. They are available in S, M or L size versions and different variations of finishes and patterns.

You can find the Oggian pouf here!

Oggian collection: carpets

Abstract figures and animals become protagonists of the home thanks to these designer rugs. They are available in two sizes and can be placed in any room of the house such as the entrance, the living room or the bedroom.

In addition to this, they are made following the tufting process, where a series of tufts are manually inserted with a tool (tufted) onto a cotton canvas traced like a drawing.

Choose you favourite carpet colour!

Oggian collection: teddy

Teddy is one of the most iconic products that is re-proposed by Qeeboo in a brand new version. This one in particular is decorated with patterns specially created by Marco Oggian, with a playful character and a colorful mood.

It is suitable for decorating any living space and simply placing it on a shelf or a table will give the rooms that fun touch.

You cannot miss this teddy version!

Oggian Collection, because you won't be able to do without it

The Oggian Series by Qeeboo is not just a collection of furniture, but an expression of style and personality. Its originality lies in its ability to adapt to different contexts, offering pieces that not only meet practical needs, but also add a distinctive touch to any context.

In conclusion, Qeeboo's Oggian Series presents itself as an opportunity to transform spaces into timeless scenarios of fun and color. Each piece is one of a kind, giving you the opportunity to furnish and decorate your rooms with style and functionality.

Written by Alice Pruccoli

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