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The Fontana lamp is a splendid table lamp, designed by Fontana Arte, a company founded in Milan in 1932 by Luigi Fontana and Giò Ponti. It is a 100% made in Italy brand, specialized in glass processing and in the creation of furnishing accessories.

In particular, this incredible lamp that we offer you today, is a creation of Max Ingrand, who was the Artistic Director of Fontana Arte for a decade. In fact, this lamp was originally called 1853 and later changed to Fontana, as a tribute to the company.

Designed in 1954 by this important French designer and decorator, who has represented the world of Art Deco for a long time, it is a unique element of furniture that cannot be missed.

Despite its simplicity, it is a great example of timeless design and a symbol of the abat jour par excellence, thanks to its contemporaneity.

Specifically, it is a lamp also available with LED bulbs version, made of white satin blown glass, but also available in black, light gray and purple and in metal in the new colors brass and white. Thanks to the different colors in which it is available, Fontana lends itself very well to different setting, becoming versatile and practical. In addition to the different colors, there are also different sizes, so that it can be placed in the different spots.

Its peculiarity is then the multiple lighting, both the base and the lampshade, contain one or more light sources. The larger version also allows indirect lighting: an additional light source projects a beam of indirect light upwards.

Thanks to the differentiated lighting, you will meet more lighting needs: from the soft glow of the rest light, to the intense reading light, up to an emotional and ambient light, obtained by indirect emission.

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Written by Alice Pruccoli

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