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Alphabet is one of the most beautiful lines produced by the collaboration between BIG and Artemide. BIG is a Danish company created by Bjarke Ingels while Artemide is an Italian company founded by Ernesto Gismondi and Sergio Mazza in 1959.

By combining creativity with Artemide's optoelectronic expertise, something unique was created. Alphabet is in fact a refined and extremely elegant series, capable of telling a story through its sinuous shapes and design, which has revolutionized the way of designing light.

Alphabet specifics

In fact, in this model, the technological complexity translates into essential and trendy lines, where the light is uniformly distributed and diffused, without perceiving the technological heart of the element. All the components that allow power and brightness are hidden, leaving no shadow or glare marks.

For this reason, the light is emitted in a pleasant and diffused way. At the level of shapes and design, Alphabet allows illumination, as the word itself says, through the letters of the alphabet, but not only.

Another feature that distinguishes these series is the ability to always create new combinations and graphic designs, thus making it innovative, unique and never banal. More specifically, with Alphabet we find mainly two linear and two circular elements, available in different lengths, which complement the system of letters, numbers and symbols.

Therefore, whatever style or decor of your home or contract area you need to enhance, with Alphabet you can find the perfect lighting, playing with infinite shapes, from the most essential to the most complex.

Ceiling, suspension and wall version of Alphabet

In addition to style, you will find Aphabet available in the ceiling, wall and suspension version, thus confirming once again its extreme versatility.

If you are organizing an exhibition or an event, Wall Alphabet will help to give a minimal and design touch to the room. A wall illuminated by a series of letters and numbers is something that no one expects, catches the eye and enhances the setting.

Ceiling and suspension Alphabets, on the other hand, are perfect for an important room, with an industrial and modern soul. With its sinuous lines, it will be able to illuminate and enhance your home in the best possible way. Likewise, it finds a perfect location for high-caliber events, trendy restaurants and bars.

Le'ts visit our Diffusione Luce webisite, and find out more of these beautiful Alphabet series.

Written by Alice Pruccoli 

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