Alicanto, Fontana Arte

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Alicanto is a lamp with a refined and elegant design, the sinuous lines and the round lamp cover then make it perfect as a lighting and furnishing element for interiors.

It is a work created by Francesco Librizzi, a very renowned architect. Through simple structures drawn in the void, his works allow the essential features of space to emerge, highlighting the relationships between places, people and objects.
Alicanto is a perfect example of this, created in collaboration with Fontana Arte, an Italian company, leader in the sector.

More specifically, the name Alicanto comes from Chilean mythology, it is a nocturnal bird that is said to live in the Atacama Desert and which has the peculiarity of feeding exclusively on gold and silver. The fable says that his diet renders him unable to fly but makes his wings shine with golden reflections. The miners, seeing its light in the dark, would have followed it and thus would have found gold.
Francesco was therefore inspired in the realization of the lamp by this animal, capable of illuminating the night thanks to its colors.

Alicanto is also a lamp characterized by a splendid arc shape, which ends with a rounded lamp holder. Elegant and sophisticated, Alicanto is a contemporary lamp, solid and light, with an innovative design, which represents a proposal capable of adapting to modern and classy furnishings, without ever departing from the FontanaArte philosophy.

You will then find this lamp available in the floor and wall version, the latter made in two sizes. In addition, both are equipped with direct and diffused dimmable light, while the base and stem are made of painted metal and the diffuser in hand-blown and acid-etched glass.

In terms of color, the wall model is available in black while the floor model is white gold and black gold. So if you need to furnish or want to modernize your home or a contract area, whether it's a restaurant or a bar, Alicanto is a perfect, versatile, high-quality lamp, capable of illuminating and enhancing any setting.

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Written by Alice Pruccoli

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