5 WOW ideas for your outdoor Christmas lighting

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With the Christmas season, the enthusiasm for decorating your home also spreads outside, transforming spaces into enchanting and welcoming scenarios. But how to decorate it? Which lighting to prefer and which decorative elements to choose?

Don't worry, as experts in the sector we have prepared this article to give you all the information and ideas you are looking for.

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1st idea: curtain lights

Curtain lights are an elegant and effective choice for decorating the facade of your house or terrace during the Christmas period. These lights are in fact composed of a series of small LEDs that descend symmetrically, creating an enveloping luminous effect.

Don't worry then, the installation is really simple, just hang the curtain so that it falls evenly along the surface to be illuminated, and you're done!

The final effect will therefore be truly "wow", in fact this type of lighting not only creates a scene, but also contributes to creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

The curtain lights are then available in a variety of shades, from warm to cold, allowing you to customize the atmosphere according to your style or the Christmas theme you have chosen.

So can cascade lights only be used for the facade of your home?

Of course not! You can also use it to frame windows, or create a beautiful waterfall effect from your terrace. The scenographic effect with these lights is guaranteed, and will make your home visible and festive from any perspective.

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2nd outdoor Christmas lighting idea: luminous stars

Another charming option for outdoor Christmas lighting is glowing stars. These decorations really lend themselves to many scenarios and help create a magical atmosphere! In fact, they can be hung on the entrance door, gate or windows, creating an enchanting and welcoming atmosphere.

The stars can then be made with different materials and can be illuminated by internal LED lights. Obviously if you want to hang it outside it is important that it is water resistant such as the 12-pointed star by New Lamps, but if you prefer a star for internal use the New Lamps decorative star is the right one for you.

However, regardless of the star chosen, the visual effect will be unique and will help create a welcoming atmosphere for friends and family and will create amazement for those who find themselves walking or passing by your house.

3rd idea: luminous cords

If you want to have full flexibility and autonomy in your outdoor Christmas lighting: light strings are definitely the best solution for you! These thin strips of light can be wrapped around trees in the garden or placed along the fence of your home or terrace, creating a sparkling and playful effect.

The luminous threads are then available in various lengths and colors, offering multiple creative possibilities. In addition to this you will find the cords with different degrees of color, so you can go from the warm and welcoming light to the colder and brighter one.

LED lighting will then allow you to decorate your outdoor spaces without worrying about the bill, thanks to its low consumption. Finally, thanks to the resistance of the wires to water but in general to atmospheric agents, you will be able to use these lights for many years because they are very durable over time.

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4th idea: bright decorations

Are you already set when it comes to lighting but are

you looking for something to decorate your interior spaces?

We have what you are looking for!

Slide Design has in fact created a real Christmas line with many light decoration options. Between the houses like Kuusi and Kolme, the lovely light decorations with references to typically Nordic houses, the Merry Cubo gift packages and the Fiamma and Fiammetta candles, you will truly be spoiled for choice.

In fact, these are elements that transform a traditional object into a must-have with a contemporary and almost cartoonish design. You can then place them at the entrance to your home, next to the Christmas tree or even on top of a furniture or the central table, thus giving a festive and stylish touch to your home.

If, however, you want to complete your external decorations, you can't miss Lightree by Slide Design, a resistant and durable LED lighted Christmas tree thanks to the material with which it was made: polyethylene.

It is available in 3 different finishes and in 2 versions of color shades, so as to allow you to fully customize the tree, so that it is in line with the style of your home.

5th idea: bright trees

Light trees are one of the most charming and best options for outdoor Christmas lighting, especially if you have no other options. These artificial trees, often made with flexible branches illuminated by LED lights, can be placed both in the garden and in pots on the terrace.

Their luminous structure creates a spectacular visual effect, transforming open spaces into truly enchanted groves. You can opt for light trees of different sizes and shapes, adding a touch of originality to your Christmas decoration.

Strategically placed, light trees can become the focal point of your outdoor space, capturing attention and spreading a fairy-tale atmosphere like those of New Lamps.

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Why decorate and illuminate your outdoor spaces with a Christmas theme

Decorating the outdoor spaces of your home is not just an aesthetic factor, but it is a way to share the joy of the holidays with others. In fact, outdoor Christmas lighting not only adds a festive touch, but makes spaces more inviting. It's a way to transform your context, creating unforgettable memories and spreading the joy of the holidays, perhaps inspiring others to partake in the magic of the holidays.

In addition to this, decorating outdoor spaces offers the opportunity to express your creativity and share your Christmas spirit with others.

Even a little lighting can make the difference, transforming a simple garden or terrace into a magical place.

In conclusion, lighting plays a fundamental role during the Christmas period, giving warmth and magic to terraces, gardens and facades.

In this article you have therefore found several creative ideas for outdoor Christmas lighting, including luminous decorations, string lights, luminous trees and stars to hang, so as to make your outdoor spaces a real festive refuge.

So be creative, have fun and share your joy with your neighbors.

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Written by Alice Pruccoli

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