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Small, colorful and super versatile, this is how the new 265 Small, launched in 2022 by the Flos home, presents itself.

The iconic and historic 265, designed by Paolo Rizzato for Flos, was born in 1973 and has been a best-selling lamp for years because it is innovative and ingenious in use. It is in fact a wall lamp that defies gravity, with its multi-angle rotatable head and long swivel and swivel arm.

In 2022 it was then decided to create a new version of this lamp, always keeping faith with the style and use of the previous one. This is how 265 Small was born.

265 Small

This lamp has kept the design of the historic 265, however making improvements such as the shorter arm, so as to be even more versatile and compact, so as to become an even more captivating and perfect lamp for spaces of all styles and sizes.

Specifically, it is a suspended wall lamp, consisting of a head and a counterweight that balance each other through the adjustable arm. The genius behind the arm lies precisely in the fact that the light source can be adjusted as desired, so as to be versatile and respond to different functions. Like the swivel arm, the head also allows 360 ° rotation so as to perfectly adjust the lighting.

The smaller dimensions of 265 Small make it the perfect lamp for any need! Then available in white, black and chromatic. In fact, for Rizzato:

"Light is what allows our eyes to distinguish colors, so using color to define the design of a lamp seemed like a natural progression of this concept."

Precisely for this reason, this lamp in the chromatic version was born as a tribute to color in painting: with the presence of the shades of the primary colors blue, yellow and red, each color defines a key element of the design.

Rizzato himself states: “Highlighting each element of the light was my way of designing: assigning a color to each part helped me to communicate the project”.

The idea was that each part was characterized by a primary color chosen in a specific way: the hat, the most important element, was drawn in red, the weight was yellow and the connecting arm blue.

Therefore, enhancing this initial project of the architect was one of the most important components in the realization of 265 small, because it is true that this lamp was produced in soft shades, namely black and white, but also in the original chromatic version by Rizzatto: with red, blue and yellow.

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Written by Alice Pruccoli

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