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Profiles and diffusers
Sale Only profile and diffuser

Profiles and diffusers

Brushed aluminum profiles and mounting accessories . LED profiles as standard with height 7 mm and width 15 mm or angular . The profiles are complete with transparent or opal polycarbonate cover . With transparent cover version you get more light output while with an opal cover you get a more diffuse and homogeneous illumination. Optional mounting accessories are available .

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Reference: 3.MXM3.038.0


Available in different variants

Opal or translucent polycarbonate diffuser, 1 or 2 meters long, specific for Underscore profiles for monochromatic Ledstrip. The finish of the diffuser, coupled with high-profile profiles, attenuates the point-like effect typical of the strips.

Price $19.93 Regular price $23.72
Shipped in 7-21 days


Lampo Lighting

Aluminum profile to be shaved, effect "cut of light" for internal corners, totally disappearing, 2 meters long for LED strips, designed in synergy with plasterboard manufacturers and installers for superior mounting versatility. Individually packaged with nr. 1 opaque diffuser in polycarbonate, Nr. 2 closed caps, all included in the package.

Price $43.40 Regular price $58.65
Shipping in 1-2 days
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