The company was founded in 1982 by Sergio Prandina, an entrepreneur capable of making his innate artistic creativity available in lighting design for more than thirty years, through the design of shapes and solutions often based on the use of blown glass.

Describing what Prandina has stood for since the very beginning is simple, we offer best-selling products and innovations in glassblowing techniques, we deliver and bring projects to life around the world. But describing what Prandina represents for someone who’s worked and continues to work here to this day is much more complicated, it’s a collection of emotions and feelings, of people and experiences, of knowledge and fulfillment. Every single product leaves our factory bearing all the passion that the founder Sergio Prandina has put into every detail of his company since 1982. Every product is the culmination of creativity and of each employee’s daily determination to improve their workflow. We all share in the enthusiasm of delivering a simply and truly beautiful product in the hands of our customers. This is the greatest and most important of all the #lightingstories we want to tell.

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NOVIA T1 table lamp with octagonal structure for indoor environments, complete with USB input for device recharging. Structure in white or green painted metal. Light source not included.

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